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2010 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2010 HyspIRI Science Workshop
NASA Decadal Survey Mission
24-26 August 2010
Sheraton Pasadena Hotel
303 Cordova St., Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 449-4000 or 1-800-457-7940
----------- Agenda - Day 1  (24 Aug 2010) -----------
8:00 AM - Registration
8:45 AM - Welcome and Objectives of HyspIRI Science Workshop
- Woody Turner, John LaBrecque
9:00 AM - Overview of Decadal Survey Missions and Context for HyspIRI
-  John LaBrecque and Woody Turner
9:20 AM - Options for Large HyspIRI Precursor Data Sets with Climate Connections
- Jack Kaye NASA Earth Science Division, Associate Director for Reseach
(no slides)
- Update HyspIRI Mission Concepts - Carl Bruce, Lead
(Please contact author for slides)
9:40 AM - VSWIR Science Measurement Baseline  - Rob Green
9:50 AM - TIR Science Measurement Baseline - Simon Hook
10:00 AM - Break
Update HyspIRI Mission Concepts
10:30 AM - VSWIR Concept - Carl Bruce
10:40 AM - TIR Concept - Marc Foote
10:50 AM - Low Latency Concept - Dan Mandl
11:00 AM - Mission Concept - Bogdan Oaida
11:10 AM - Draft Preliminary HyspIRI Mission Level 1 Requirements - Rob Green and Simon Hook
11:20 AM - Why the NASA HyspIRI Mission is Critical to the Future of Global Climate Science - Greg Asner
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:20 PM - Imaging spectroscopy of light-absorbing impurities in snow and ice: Climate and Policy Implications - Thomas Painter
(Please contact author for slides)
1:40 PM - HyspIRI Measurement of Fire Parameters for Climate Change and Carbon Budgets: Fuel, Occurrence, Intensity and Recovery  - Louis Giglio, Ivan Csiszar
2:00 PM - Integration of GOES, MODIS and HyspIRI Thermal Satellite Imagery for Evaluation of Daily Evapotranspiration at the Sub-Field Scale - Martha Anderson, W.P. Kustas, W.P. Dulaney, F. Gao, D. Sumner
2:20 PM - Imaging spectroscopy of plant metabolic and ecological function - Philip A. Townsend, Shawn P. Serbin, Aditya Singh, Brenden E. McNeil and Eric L. Kruger
2:40 PM - Characterizing and Modeling Urban Heat Islands By Using Thermal Infrared Data from Multiple Satellite Sensors - Dr. QIHAO WENG
3:00 PM - Break
3:20 PM - HyspIRI Preparatory Data Sets for Volcanology - Michael Abrams, Vince Realmuto, Dave Pieri, Rob Wright
3:40 PM - Making the connection between imaging spectroscopy and direct measurements of ecosystem function - Shawn P. Serbin, Eric L. Kruger, Aditya Singh and Philip A. Townsend
4:00 PM - Summary of HyspIRI Sunglint Subgroup Activities. Or ""HyspIRI Sunglint Subgroup: Glint Characterization, Determination of Impacts on Science, and Potential Mitigation Approaches. Eric Hochberg
4:20 PM - Using HyspIRI Derived Parameters in Climate Related Models - Fred Huemmrich, Y-B. Cheng, P. Campbell, R. Knox, E.M. Middleton
4:40 PM - Contribution of HyspIRI measurements to improving the quality of satellite-derived Climate Data Records - Peter Minnett
5:00 PM - Future Workshop with Climate Modeling and HyspIRI Science Community - Susan Ustin
5:20 PM - DISCUSSION: Roles of HyspIRI in Climate, Carbon Global Change, Societal Impacts and Policy
5:30 PM - Close
-----------  Agenda - Day 2  (25 Aug 2010) -----------
8:30 AM - Spectroscopy of the Gulf Oil Spill - Roger Clark
(Please contact author)
9:00 AM - Fugitive Emission from Fossil Fuel Production with Imaging Spectroscopy Measurements - Ira Leifer
9:20 AM - Mapping Plant Species and Plant Functional Types from the West Coast to the Gulf - D. A. Roberts, Keely L. Roth, Philip E. Dennison, Ray Kokaly, Michael Toomey, Seth Peterson, Susan Ustin.
9:40 AM - Mapping Vegetation Across Spatial and Spectral Scales Using Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis - Philip E. Dennison, Abigail N. Schaaf, Gregory K. Fryer, Keely L. Roth and Dar A. Roberts
10:00 AM - Break
10:20 AM - A radiometrically-accurate HyspIRI dataset created for arid land surfaces using combined ASTER and AVIRIS data - Michael Ramsey, Christopher Hughes
10:40 AM - Preliminary Results - Characterization of Hydrothermal Systems Using Simulated HyspIRI Data - Fred Kruse
11:00 AM - Performance of the proposed HyspIRI TIR bands for accurate compositional identification of eolian dust, ash and sand -  Scheidt, S.P, M.S. Ramsey, R. Mohummand, E. Mercurio, N. Lancaster
11:20 AM - A Rapid Delivery Data Delivery Operations Concept for HyspIRI - Steve Chien, David Mclaren, Daniel Mandl, Jerru Hengemihle
11:40 AM - Mapping Effective Fire Temperature Using AVIRIS and MASTER data - Philip E. Dennison and D. Scott Matheson
12:00 PM - Lunch
1:20 PM - HyspIRI Decadal Survey VSWIR Science Questions - Dar Roberts
1:40 PM - HyspIRI Decadal Survey TIR Science Questions - Anupma Prakash
2:00 PM - HyspIRI Decadal Survey  Combined Science Questions - Frank Muller-Karger
2:20 PM - NEON AOP Interaction with HyspIRI - Tom Kampe
(Please contact author for slides)
2:40 PM - The SOCO Concept to Pursue Measurement of Soil Organic Carbon with Combined Ground and Imaging Spectrometer Measurements - Chuck Rice
3:00 PM - Break
3:20 PM - Predicting Total Phosphorus (TP) by relating Chl-a and Secchi Disk Transparency Using Spectroscopy for Indianapolis Drinking Water Sources - Kaishan Song, Lin Li, Shaui Li, Linhai Li, Tingting Zhang, Lenore & Bob
3:40 PM - Giant Kelp Forests and Their Response(s) to Climate Changes - Kyle Cavanaugh and Dave Siegel
4:00 PM - Glint-aerosol discrimination using HIR-SWIR wavelengths - Youngje Park and HyspIRI Sunglint group
4:20 PM - Changes in community structure and productivity in a coastal upwelling system from the CARIACO ocean time-series and implications for future satellite measurements - Frank Mueller-Karger
4:40 PM - Hot Target Saturation Analysis Report - Vince Realmuto
5:00 PM - Close
-----------  Agenda - Day 3  (26 Aug 2010) -----------
8:00 AM - A Summary of the May 2010 GSFC-hosted Symposium on Ecosystem Products Presenter: Elizabeth Middleton for the Team
8:20 AM - Preliminary Results - Assessment of ecosystem diversity and urban boundaries, using surface reflectance and emissivity, Petya K. E. Campbell and Kurtis J. Thome
8:40 AM - Remote estimation of pigment content and composition in terrestrial vegetation: challenges and solutions - Anatoly A. Gitelson
9:00 AM - An Investigation of Cloud Cover Probability for the HyspIRI Mission Using MODIS Cloud Mask Data - Adam Gunderson, Danielle Nuding
9:20 AM - HyspIRI VSWIR Level 2 ATBD and HICO sample science results - Bo Cai Gao
9:40 AM - EnMAP and TES-GAP Process Research Oriented Missions - Andreas Mueller
10:00 AM - Break
10:20 AM - The Processing Chain, Calibration and Data Qulity Procedures of the Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission EnMAP - M. Bachmann, C. Makasy, A. De Miguel, A. Muller, A. Neumann, G. Palubinskas, R. Richter, M. Schneider, T. Storch, T. Walzel, H. Kaufmann, L. Guanter, K. Segl, T. Heege, V. Kiselev
10:40 AM - Cal/Val Activities on European Volcanoe Test Sites in the VNIR-SWIR and TIR Spectral Range and Related Missions - Authors:Massimo Musacchio, Maria Fabrizia, Buongiorno, Stefania Amici, Stefano Corradini, Alsessandro Piscini, Luca Merucci, Valerio Lombardo, Malvina Silvstri, Claudia Spinetti, Laura Colini
11:00 AM - Current Status of Japanese Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Mission, HISUI - T. Matsunaga
11:20 AM - The New InfraRed Sensor Technology (NIRST) camera on the Aquarius/SAC-D satellite, Description & scheduling AND Land and Sea surface temperature retrieval algorithms - Hugo Marraco, Marisa Kalemkarian
11:50 PM - Lunch
1:20 PM - Australia and NASA HyspIRI - Alex Held, Youngje Park
1:40 PM - HyspIRI in relation to International Mission - Rob Green and Simon Hook
(no slides)
2:00 PM - Simulating the response of the HyspIRI 4 micron to active lavas, using data acquired by the EO-1 Hyperion - Rob Wright
2:20 PM - The MODTRAN“5.2* Radiation Transfer Model and Applications to HyspIRI - Lex Berk
2:40 PM - Simulated HyspIRI data for measureing volcanic thermal features - R. Greg Vaughan
3:00 PM - Break
3:20 PM - HyspIRI Global Coverage and Downlink Approach - Michael Mercury
3:40 PM - Using NAALSED as a validation tool and proxy dataset for HyspIRI thermal infrared products - Glynn Hulley and Simon Hook
4:00 PM - Orbit dynamics, overpass times and repeated sensor coverage: implications for seasonal measurements and change detection Robert G. Knox and Elizabeth M. Middleton
4:20 PM - A Noval Approach to Report HyspIRI Location and Observation Information in a Compact Format for Data Distribution and Utilization - Joseph Boardman
4:40 PM - HyspIRI Draft Preliminary Level 1 Requirements - Robert O. Green, Simon Hook
5:00 PM - Review of Workshop and Next Steps - Woody Turner, John LaBrecque, Robert O. Green, Simon J. Hook
5:20 AM - Close