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Design Alignment, Calibration and Testing Presentation

VSWIR-Dyson Imaging Spectrometer: Design Alignment, Laboratory Calibration and Testing

Peer-Reviewed Publication Activity

2015 HyspIRI Special Issue:  Remote Sensing of Environment

HyspIRI Comprehensive Report

Latest Comprehensive Report

Traceability Matrices

HyspIRI Application Traceability Matrix

Science Traceability Matrices

HyspIRI Science Traceability Matrix

Reports and White Papers

2018 HyspIRI Final Report
Feasibility Study for an Aquatic Ecosystem Earth Observing System - November 2017 (Please note that this version will be presented for CEOS endorsement)
Evaluating the Impacts of Thermal Sensor Revisit Interval on Remote Estimates of Evapotranspiration at Field Scales (Alfieri et al, 2016)
2015 HyspIRI Science and Applications Workshop Article
2015 HyspIRI Aquatic Studies Group (HASG) Report
2014 HyspIRI Product Symposium Summary Report
2014 HyspIRI Separate Platforms Whitepaper
2014 PHyTIR Test Results
2012 Workshop Report
2012 TIR Band Study Report
2011 Workshop Report
2011 Symposium Report
2011 Sun Glint Report
2011 High Temperature Saturation Report
2010 Workshop Report
2009 Workshop Report
2008 Whitepaper and Workshop Report

Workshop and Symposium Agenda's and Presentations

2018 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2017 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2016 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2016 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2015 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2015 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2014 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2014 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2013 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2013 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2012 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2012 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2011 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2011 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2010 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2010 Symposium Agenda and Presentations
2009 Workshop Agenda and Presentations
2008 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

ROSES Final Reports

Koltunov Final Report

Conference Presentations

2010 Terrestrial Ecology Workshop, San Diego, California, USA Presentation
2009 4th Global Vegetation Workshop, Missoula, Montana, USA Presentation

Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs)

TIR Level 2 Surface Radiance
TIR Level 2 Surface Temperature and Emissivity
TIR Cloud Mask
VSWIR Level 2 Water Leaving Reflectance
VSWIR Level 2 Land Surface Reflectance


There are many ways to get involved with the HyspIRI concept study. For example every year we have an annual Workshop and an annual Symposium. Many of the people involved with HyspIRI attend these events and they are a great way to find out about the science and the instruments.

In addition NASA has had a series of announcements of opportunity where scientists can submit proposals for funding to work on specific aspects of the program.

Selections:  ROSES 2009 | ROSES 2010 | ROSES 2011 | ROSES 2014