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2017 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

Workshop on:
Global Earth Imaging Spectroscopy and Thermal Infrared Measurements (HyspIRI)
NASA Decadal Survey Mission Concept
17 - 19 October 2017
Beckman Institute Auditorium (BIA)
California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125

Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Time Title - Speaker
8:00 AM Registration Opens (Session Chair: Robert O. Green)
9:00 AM Welcome and Objectives of the HyspIRI Science and Applications Workshop - Woody Turner and Ben Phillips PDF File
9:20 AM Overview of the Mission Concept, Measurements and Science - Robert O. Green, Simon Hook and Elizabeth MiddletondPDF File
10:00 AM Update on HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Campaigns: Western US; Volcano and Coral Reef, Hawaii - Ian McCubbin
10:20 AM Break and Picture
10:40 AM Mapping Ecosystem Function and Biogeochemical Processes in a Global Imaging Spectroscopy Mission - Phil Townsend
11:00 AM Measuring Biodiversity Globally - Ryan Pavlick/Dave Schimel
11:20 AM Improved Measurement of Carbon Emissions from Biomass Burning - Simon Hook
11:40 AM Comparing methods for mapping fractional cover using simulated HyspIRI spectra - Phil Dennison PDF File
12:00 PM Lunch (Session Chair: Woody Turner)
1:20 PM Monitoring Coastal and Wetland Biodiversity from Space - Frank Muller-Karger PDF File
1:40 PM Results from ALI and OLI Multispectral Band Synthesis, Machine Learning Classification, and Salience onboard the Earth Observing One Mission - Steve Chien
2:00 PM Predicting changes in the behavior of erupting volcanoes, and reducing the uncertainties associated with their impacts - Rob Wright PDF File
2:20 PM Coral Reef Condition Across the Hawaiian Archipelago and Relationship to Environmental Forcing - Eric Hochberg PDF File
2:40 PM Measuring the Earth’s Surface Mineral Dust Source Composition to Model Radiative Forcing and Related Earth System Impacts - Vince Realmuto PDF File
3:00 PM Break
3:20 PM Earth Surface Geochemistry and Mineralogy: Processes, Hazards, Soils, and Resources - Robert O. Green
3:40 PM Measuring Fire Fuel, Occurrence, Severity, and Recovery - Natasha Stavros
4:00 PM Remote Sensing of Aquatic and Terrestrial Biodiversity Across Watersheds - Erin Hestir PDF File
4:20 PM Can HyspIRI-like data constrain accurate temperature and emissivity measurements of active volcanic surfaces? - Michael Ramsey PDF File
4:40 PM Joint Estimation of Atmosphere and Surface Reflectance from AVIRIS-NG Spectra: Initial Results - David R. Thompson PDF File
5:00 PM Measurements and Early Science Results from the NASA and ISRO Joint Imaging Spectroscopy Campaign in India - Robert O. Green
5:20 PM Closing/Adjourn
Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Time Title - Speaker
7:40 AM Registration Opens (Session Chair: Kevin Turpie)
8:00 AM Assessing variability of coral reflectance in response to biodiversity of host and symbiont and morphology - Heidi Dierssen
8:20 AM Visible Derivative Spectroscopy of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images: A New Approach to Algal and Cyanobacterial Differentiation - Jeff LuvallPDF File
8:40 AM Global Observations of Coastal and Inland Aquatic Habitats and Progress in the Remote Sensing Community - Kevin Turpie
9:00 AM Evaluation and Application of the AVIRIS Data for the Study of Coral Reefs in Hawaii - Jianwei Wei PDF File
9:20 AM Using HyspIRI to Identify Benthic Composition and Bleaching in Shallow Coral Reef Ecosystems - Tom Bell PDF File
9:40 AM COral Reef Airborne Laboratory: Status and Initial Results - Eric Hochberg PDF File
10:00 AM Global Observations of Coastal and Inland Aquatic Habitats and Progress in the Remote Sensing Community - Kevin Turpie
10:20 AM Estimation of Benthic Reflectance with Bayesian Mixture Models - David R. Thompson
10:40 AM Integrated Vector Management in Cambodia: Operational Integration for Malaria Elimination - Jeff Luvall PDF File
11:00 AM Ecosystem Structure, Composition, and Function: Ecological Responses to Environmental Perturbations in Mammoth Mountain, California - Joshua Fisher PDF File
11:20 AM Filling the gaps: How maps derived from imaging spectroscopy augments ground based measurements of plant functional traits - Phil Townsend
11:40 AM HyspIRI Airborne Science: Combining Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing and Dispersion Modeling to Study the Impact of Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Emissions on Air Quality in Hawaii - Vince Realmuto PDF File
12:00 PM Lunch (Session Chair: Simon Hook)
1:10 PM Imaging Spectrometer Retrievals of Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Water Vapor Concentrations at High Spatial Resolution: Application to AVIRIS-NG - Andrew Thorpe PDF File
1:30 PM Imaging Spectroscopy Investigations of Cloud Processes at 30 m Spatial Resolution - David R. Thompson PDF File
1:50 PM Poster Session and Sub Group Discussions
2:10 PM Poster Session and Sub Group Discussions
2:30 PM Poster Session and Sub Group Discussions
2:50 PM Poster Session and Sub Group Discussions
3:10 PM The ECOSTRESS Mission on the International Space Station: An Overview - Simon Hook PDF File
3:30 PM DisALEXI ET Disaggregation to field scales - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson PDF File
3:50 PM The ECOSTRESS Spectral Library - Susan Meerdink PDF File
4:10 PM Precursor Applications Activities for ECOSTRESS and HyspIRI Missions - Christine Lee
4:20 PM Evapotranspiration: A critical variable linking ecosystem functioning, carbon and climate feedbacks, agricultural management, and water resources - Joshua Fisher PDF File
4:40 PM Investigation of urban heat Island and heat wave interactions with remotely sensed thermal data: a case study over LA - Glynn Hulley PDF File
5:00 PM ECOSTRESS Delta Project: ET model intercomparison - Yufang Jin
5:10 PM Assessing variable landscape response to drought in Costa Rica - Savannah Cooley
5:30 PM Closing/Adjourn
Thursday, 19 October 2017
Time Title - Speaker
7:40 AM Registration Opens (Session Chair: Betsy Middleton)
8:00 AM Unmanned Aerial Technologies for In Situ Validation of Remote Sensing Data and Retrievals at Active Volcanoes - David Pieri PDF File
8:20 AM Full Physics-based Radiative Transfer Model for Ocean Observation: Application to HyspIRI-type Imaging Spectrometer - Pengwang Zhai PDF File
8:40 AM Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of World's Leading Agricultural Crops - Prasad Thenkabail
9:00 AM Mineral Potential in Hutti-Maski Greenstone Belt, India using Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer-Next Generation (AVIRIS-NG) Data - Snehamoy Chatterjee PDF File
9:20 AM Using AVIRIS-NG Data to Assess the Impact of Mining Activities on Soils and Water Quality near the Ambaji and Zawar Mines in Gujurat and Rajasthan, India. - Bill Farrand PDF File
9:40 AM Improved Trace Gas Plume Detection using Indian and US AVIRIS-NG Data - Phil Dennison PDF File
10:00 AM Lake’s Surface Water Temperature Changes over Tibetan Plateau based on MODIS LST product (2001-2015): A sensitive Indicator for the Warming Climate - Hongie Xie 
10:20 AM Break
10:40 AM Towards a Verdict on the Influence of Sub-pixel Vegetation Variation on Global Ecosystem Assessment via Imaging Spectroscopy - John Kerekes PDF File
11:00 AM Hyperspectral Reflectance from Shallow Coral Reefs: Exploring the Red Edge - Steven G. Ackleson PDF File
11:20 AM In-flight Characterization of Imaging Spectrometer Spectral Response - David R. Thompson PDF File
11:40 PM Monitoring Ecosystem Stress and Carbon Uptake with Reflectance and Fluorescence Measurements - Elizabeth Middleton PDF File
12:00 PM Lunch (Session Chair: David Thompson)
1:10 PM Update on Sentinel and Potential Expansion - Jens Nieke PDF File
1:20 PM Relevance of EO-1 Hyperion-derived Spectral Surface Reflectance from “Lunar Cal Sites” to HyspIRI - Stephen Ungar
1:40 PM Understanding the Controls on Cryospheric Albedo, Energy Balance, and Melting - Thomas Painter
2:00 PM Development of an Algorithm for Removing Thin Cirrus Scattering Effects in Landsat 8 OLI Data using AVIRIS-Classic - Bo-Cai Gao MP4 Icon
2:20 PM Classification of Lianas and Trees using Visible-near Infrared or Long-wave Infrared Reflectance: New Perspectives for Forest Mapping - Antonio Guzman PDF File
2:40 PM California Drought Implications: Analyzing AVIRIS Fraction of Alive Vegetation Cover and Climatic Trends - Natalie Queally PDF File
3:00 PM Break
3:20 PM Compatibility of Imaging Spectroscopy and Broadband Multispectral Data - Natasha Stavros PDF File
3:40 PM Understanding Anthropogenic Methane and Carbon Dioxide Point Source Emissions - Riley Duren
4:00 PM Cuprite Project - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson PDF File
4:20 PM AVIRIS-NG and Related Contributions to the Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) - Charles Miller
4:40 PM New Developments in Technology to Support Global Spectroscopy Acquisition and Lower Risk - Dan Mandl
5:00 PM High Performance Space Data Acquisition and Compression based on System-on-Chip Instrument Avionics for Space- based Imaging Spectrometers - Didier KeymeulenPDF File
5:20 PM Workshop Summary and Plans for Next Year - Woody Turner, Robert O. Green, Simon Hook and Elizabeth Middleton
Wednesday, 18 October 2017 - 1:50PM
Number Title - Speaker
1 HISUI Status toward 2019 Launch - Tsuneo Matsunaga PDF File
2 Detecting C4 grass coverage using hyperspectral reflectance - Karl Huemmrich
3 Detecting change in vegetation stress and extent as a signal of impending volcanic eruptions using AVIRIS VSWIR and MASTER TIR data. - Isabella Mariotto
4 Imaging Spectroscopy Applications for Assessing Water Contents and Vegetation in Louisiana Coastal Wetlands - Daniel Jensen PDF File
5 An Investigation on Spectral Noise in the Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES) - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson PDF File
6 Potential of High Spectral Resolution TEMPO Data for Vegetation Monitoring - Wasit Wulamu
7 Deriving the Geochemical Characteristic of Carbonatites Using Visible Near Infrared and Short Wave Infrared Spectroscopy - Ali Assiri
8 Compact Snapshot Image Mapping Spectrometer (SNAP-IMS) with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Hyperspectral Terrain Imaging - Jason Dwight
9 UAS, Manned Aircraft and Satellite Remote Sensing for Improved Crop Productivity - Wasit Wulamu
10 Performance comparison of Phased Array Type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar and Landsat-8 image classification - Swati Garg
11 Probabilistic unmixing algorithms that use large spectral libraries. - Paul Gader
12 MMT-Cam: A new miniature multispectral thermal infrared camera system for field-based emissivity measurements - James Thompson PDF File
13 Introducing the COAL software suite - Coal and Open-pit surface mining impacts on American Lands - Lewis McGibbney PDF File
14 Change detection in Hawaiian coral reefs from 2000-2017 using AVIRIS and simulated HyspIRI Imagery: Initial Results - Paul Haverkamp PDF File
15 How well do terrestrial biosphere models predict surface energy balance? Confronting an individual-level model with thermal remote sensing data - Miriam Johnston
16 The spectral and chemical measurement of light-absorbing impurities on snow near South Pole, Antarctica - Kimberly Casey PDF File
17 A Comparative Study of Random Projection-based Dimensionality Reduction for Remote Sensing Applications - Vineetha Menon
18 EO-1 Hyperion spectral time series for assessment of vegetation carbon flux dynamics - Peyta Campbell
19 Urban Net Ecosystem Productivity Research: Solar-induced fluorescence as an observational tool? - David Allen