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2018 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

HyspIRI and Surface Biology and Geology Science and Applications
15 - 17 August 2018
Carnegie Institute for Science
Carnegie HQ auditorium
1530 P Street NW Washington, DC  20005

Wednesday, 15 August 2018
Time Title - Speaker
8:50 Welcome from Carnegie - Greg Asner PDF File
9:00 HyspIRI 2007 Guidance and Science Study Group - Woody Turner and Ben Phillips PDF File
9:10 Research Perspectives on HyspIRI and Prospects Looking Forward - Jack Kaye PDF File
9:30 Questions
9:40 Break
10:00 HyspIRI VSWIR/TIR/Combined Science Questions - Rob Green/Simon Hook/Betsy Middleton PDF File
10:40 Real-Time Data Products and the IPM - Dan Mandl
11:00 HyspIRI Concept Level 1 Requirements - Rob Green/Simon Hook PDF File
11:20 HyspIRI Data Products - Betsy Middleton PDF File
11:40 Lunch and Posters
13:20 HyspIRI Mission Concept VSWIR and TIR Separate and Contemporaneous - Ernesto Diaz PDF File
13:40 VSWIR L1, L2 Algorithm Maturity and Cal/Val - David Thompson PDF File
14:00 TIR L1, L2 Algorithm Maturity and Cal/Val - Glynn Hulley PDF File
14:20 HyspIRI Airborne Campaigns, Science, Applications and Lessons - Ian McCubbin PDF File
14:40 Break
15:00 Earth Venture: ECOSTRESS - Simon Hook PDF File
15:20 Earth Venture: Coral Reef Airborne Laboratory (CORAL) - Eric Hochberg
15:40 Earth Venture: Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) - Rob Green PDF File
16:00 HyspIRI Applications Questions and Traceability Matrix - Jeff Luvall PDF File
16:20 Applied Sciences: From HyspIRI to SBG - Lawrence Friedl
16:40 Discussion, HyspIRI Wrap Up and Plans for Final Report - Steering Committee
17:00 Discussion, HyspIRI Wrap Up and Plans for Final Report - Steering Committee
17:20 Adjourn
Thursday, 16 August 2018
Time Title - Speaker
8:30 Proceeding with the 2017 Decadal Survey - Michael Freilich
8:50 Questions
9:00 The Science Mission(s) of SBG: Challenge and Opportunity - David Schimel
9:20 Tropical Forest Biodiversity from Imaging Spectroscopy - Greg Asner
9:40 Global Science Requirements for Space based Retrievals of Evapotranspiration - Joshua Fisher PDF File
10:00 Break
10:20 Foliar Traits from Imaging Spectroscopy: How We Get There and What Foliar Traits Tell Us - Phil Townsend PDF File
10:40 AVIRIS-NG Estimates of Biodiversity from a Biodiversity Hotspot in the Western Ghats Mountains of Southwest India - Susan Ustin PDF File
11:00 Satellite Optical Remote Sensing of Ecosystem Functional Diversity and Productivity - Fred Huemmrich PDF File
11:20 Mapping Plant Diversity from Space and Using it to Inform Ecosystem Models - Fabian Schneider PDF File
11:40 The EO-1 Hyperion globally distributed spectral time series: tracing the seasonal changes in vegetation function and productivity - Petya Campbell PDF File
12:00 Lunch and Posters
13:40 Next Generation of Physically-Based Cryosphere-Hydrosphere-Climate Modeling Constrained by VSWIR Imaging Spectroscopy of Snow Properties - Tom Painter PDF File
14:00 Interpretation and Retrieval of Snow Properties from Imaging Spectroscopy, and Its Role in Future Earth Observing Satellites - Jeff Dozier PDF File
14:20 Break
14:40 Combined VSWIR-TIR Analysis of Vegetation in Natural, Urban and Agricultural Settings from the HyspIRI Airborne Campaign - Dar Roberts PDF File
15:00 Opportunities and Challenges for SBG in the Arctic-Boreal Region - Charles Miller PDF File
15:20 How Observing Surface Biology and Geology Will Allow Us to Answer Critical Questions About the Physical Causes, and Societal Consequences, of Global Volcanic Eruptions - Rob Wright
15:40 The Application of SBG Observations to Monitor Volcanic Gas Emissions and Aerosol Plumes: HyspIRI Airborne Campaign Example - Vincent Realmuto PDF File
16:00 Intrinsic Dimensionality in Combined Visible to Thermal Infrared Imagery, Insight into the Information Richness of the SBG Observable - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson PDF File
16:20 Global Science and Applications of SBG Observables for the Solid Earth - Mike Ramsey
16:40 Observables, Research and Applications Questions, and Requirements Discussion - Steering Committee
17:00 Observables, Research and Applications Questions, and Requirements Discussion - Steering Committee
17:20 Adjourn
Friday, 17 August 2018
Time Title - Speaker
8:00 The Potential of High-Fidelity Spatial, Spectral, Temporal, and Radiometric Sensors to Advance Aquatic Remote Sensing Beyond Chlorophyll - Raphe Kudela PDF File
8:20 Closing the Gap from Oceans to Land: the Role of SBG in Monitoring Near- Coastal Aquatic Ecosystems - Erin Hestir PDF File
8:40 Scaling CORAL Results with Future SBG Observables - Eric Hochberg
9:00 Aquatic Community Objectives and Priorities for SBG Global Science and Applications - Kevin Turpie
9:20 Wildfire Applications of Imaging Spectroscopy - Phil Dennison PDF File
9:40 Break
10:00 Geophysical Variables to Advance Biogeochemistry, Ecology, and Biodiversity - Compton J. Tucker 
10:20 Fire Applications in Relation to Anthropogenic Modification of the Land (H-4), Changes in Carbon Sinks (E-5), and Atmospheric Pollutants (C-8) - Natasha Stavros PDF File
10:40 Applications of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Observations of Geological Hazards - Florian Schwander PDF File
11:00 Remote Sensing of Urban Heat Islands and Waves: Detection, Trends, and Societal Vulnerability - Glynn Hulley PDF File
11:20 Detecting Methane and Carbon Dioxide Point Source Emissions with SBG- Type Observables - Andrew Thorpe PDF File
11:40 Future SBG Observables - Supporting Applications for Societal Benefits - Jeff Luvall PDF File
12:00 Lunch and Posters
13:40 Overview of the EnMAP Imaging Spectroscopy Mission - Luis Gaunter PDF File
14:00 The Copernicus Hyperspectral Imaging Mission for the Environment (CHIME) Concept, Status, and Related Activities - Michael Rast
14:20 HISUI Status Towards FY2019 Launch and Collaboration with Other Missions - Tsuneo Matsunaga PDF File
14:40 Break
15:00 Mapping Geology and Hazards with Imaging Spectroscopy - Gregg Swayze
15:20 Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification - David Thompson PDF File
15:40 Observables, Research and Applications Questions, and Requirements Discussion - Steering Committee
16:00 Observables, Research and Applications Questions, and Requirements Discussion - Steering Committee
16:20 Summary Draft SBG Concept Requirements, Next Steps - Steering Committee
16:40 Adjourn
15-17 August 2018 - During Lunch Break
Number Title - Speaker
1 Emissivity Retrievals from Active Lava Surfaces: Results from the NASA Hawaii Airborne Campaigns - James Thompson
2 Relative Age Dating of Hawaiian Lava Flows with AVIRIS and HyTES Hyperspectral Data - Michael Abrams
3 Remote Sensing of Drylands: Applications of Canopy Spectral Invariants - Hamid Dashti
4 Coupled Retrieval of the Three Phases of Water from EnMAP Hyperspectral Measurements - Niklas Bohn
5 Infrared Spectroscopy Quadratic Surface Approximation of Local Ecosystems Contamination from Grand Gulf Nuclear Station Operations in Mississippi - Sam Nwaneri
6 EO-1 Hyperion spectral time series prototyping globally distributed environmental applications - Petya Campbell
7 HyspIRI Hawaii VOLCANO-VEGETATION Campaign Update: Selection of Optima AVIRIS Narrowbands and Vegetation Indices that Detect Vegetation Stress Caused by Soil Degassing CO2 and H2S and Soil Temperature - Isabella Mariotto
8 Cross-Calibration of Medium Resolution Earth Observing Satellites by Using EO-1 Hyperion-Derived Spectral Surface Reflectance from Lunar Cal Sites - Stephen Ungar
9 Utilizing Spectral Imagery to Examine High Latitude Ecosystem Function and Diversity - Fred Huemmrich
10 Advanced Model Inversion Approach Used to Describe High Latitude Ecosystem Response to Climate Change - Qingyuan Zhang
11 Hyperspectral and Polarimetric Fire Emission Characterization from the NASA ER-2 Aircraft - Olga Kalashnikova
12 Band Parameters for Mineral Mapping: Southern California Case Study - Wendy Calvin
13 Potential Applications of a Principal Component-based Radiative Transfer Model (PCRTM) for HYSPIRI - Xu Liu
14 Mapping Functional Diversity from Remotely Sensed Plant Functional Traits - Fabian Schneider
15 Underwater Photomosaics for Validation of Remotely Sensed Shallow Seafloor Community Maps - Stacy Peltier
16 How Can Functional Diversity Improve Terrestrial Carbon-Cycle Predictions? A Multi-Biome Perspective - Benjamin Poulter
17 Mapping Methane Plumes in AVIRIS-NG India Campaign Data - Phil Dennison
18 A Window In to the Future of the Earth, Hidden in the Jungles of Costa Rica’s Volcanoes - Joshua Fisher
19 Long-Term Effects of Elevated Volcanic CO2 on Forest Ecosystems at Mammoth Mountain - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson
20 Persistently Elevated Volcanic CO2 on Tropical Volcanoes - Florian Schwander
21 Using Paired Thermal and Hyperspectral Imagery to Quantify Land Surface Temperature Variability and assess crop stress within California orchards - Dar Roberts
22 Land Surface Temperature and evapotranspiration Applications for ECOSTRESS and Beyond - Savannah Cooley
23 Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Inherent Optical Properties in Western Lake Erie for 2015 and 2016 with Implications for Satellite Remote Sensing - Nancy French
24 Effects of Surface Roughness and Topography on Snow Properties- Albedo Retrieva - Charles Gatebe