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2015 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2015 HyspIRI Science and Application Workshop
NASA Decadal Survey Mission
13 - 15 October 2015

Beckman Institute Auditorium (BIA)
California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125.

Breakout sessions from this workshop were organized and white papers were developed and submitted in response to the NRC request for information for the upcoming Decadal Survey.  Here are links to white papers submitted that have been posted by NRC.


Link to Paper

Wendy Calvin

Key Questions and Challenges in Dynamic Earth Processes, Natural Resources, and Hazards linked to Geologic and Soil Surface Composition

Joshua Fisher

Evapotranspiration:  A Critical Variable Linking Ecosystem Functioning, Carbon and Climate Feedbacks, Agricultural Management, and Water Resources

Jeff Luvall

Human Health / Water Quality

Natalie Mahowald

Closing the Earth Surface Dust Source Composition Gap for Earth System Understanding and Modeling

Tom Painter

Monitoring Cryospheric Albedo in a Changing World: Filling the knowledge void on a key climate parameter

Ryan Pavlick


Robert Wright

Predicting Changes in the Behavior of Erupting Volcanoes to Reduce the Uncertainties Associated with their Impact on Society and the Environment

Phil Dennison

Burning Questions: Critical Needs for Remote Sensing of Fire Impacts on Ecosystems

Kevin Turpie

New Need to Understand Changing Coastal and Inland Aquatic Ecosystem Services

Andrew Thorpe

Mapping atmospheric constituents at high spatial resolution to understand their influence on Earth's climate



Tuesday, 13 Oct 2015
8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:45 AM Welcome and Objectives of HyspIRI Science and Application Workshop - Woody Turner PDF File
9:00 AM Status of the HyspIRI Mission Concept and Level 1 Requirements - Robert O. Green, Simon Hook and Elizabeth Middleton
9:15 AM Report on the 2015 HyspIRI Data Products Symposium - Betsy Middleton, Dan Mandl and Steve UngarPDF File
9:30 AM Onboard instrument processing demonstrations on EO-1 - Steve Chien
9:45 AM Flexible Field Programmable Gate Arrays Circuits for the IPM - Dan Mandl
10:00 AM Small sat compatible HyspIRI-TIR free flyer (60m spatial sampling with a 4 day revisit) - William Johnson
10:15 AM Design of a LandSat swath VSWIR-Dyson Imaging Spectrometer with 185 km swath and 30 m ground sampling - Pantazis Mouroulis
10:30 AM Automated field spectroscopy systems for collecting continuous measurements of radiance/reflectance in support of hyperspectral satellite missions - Sergio Cogliati PDF File
10:45 AM Break and Picture
11:15 AM Understanding basaltic volcanic processes by remote measuring links between vegetation health and extent and volcanic gas and thermal emissions using HyspIRI-like VSWIR and TIR data - Chad Deering PDF File
11:30 AM Quantifying volcanic processes and mitigating their hazards with HyspIRI data - Michael Ramsey PDF File
11:45 AM Remote Sensing of Mono Basin and Long Valley Caldera - Neil Pearson PDF File
12:00 AM Preparing for the Use of HyspIRI to Monitor the Impact of Volcanic Plumes on Air Quality - Vince Realmuto
12:15 AM Synergistic use of AVIRIS, LiDAR, and MASTER - 2014 CA King Megafire - E. Natasha Stavros PDF File
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Breakout Sessions (4 concurrent) - Lead / Co-Lead
Lead 1 (BIA) Aquatic Studies - Kevin Turpie / Eric Hochberg
Lead 2 (121) ET / Agriculture / Water Resources - Josh Fisher / Johan Perret or Christine Lee
Lead 3 (115) Volcanoes - Rob Wright / Vince Realmuto
Lead 4 (Outside) Wildfires / Terrestrial Disturbance - Sander Veraverbeke / Dar Roberts and Natasha Stavros
3:30 PM Break
3:45 PM HyspIRI Aquatic Sciences Group Report - Kevin Turpie
4:00 PM CORAL: COral Reef Airborne Laboratory - Eric Hochberg PDF File
4:15 PM Assessing simulated HyspIRI imagery for detecting and quantifying coral reef coverage and water quality using spectral inversion and deconvolution methods - Steven Ackleson PDF File
4:30 PM Vicarious calibration and visible derivative spectroscopy to estimate the composition of the 2015 CyanoHAB in Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie - Jeff Luvall for Joe Ortiz PDF File
4:45 PM Potential of the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) mission for monitoring the physiological condition of giant kelp forests - Tom Bell PDF File
5:00 PM Using HyspIRI at the Land/Sea Interface to Identify Phytoplankton Functional Types - Liane Guild PDF File
5:15 PM Closing/Adjourn

Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015
8:00 AM Registration Open
8:40 AM Summary of the Western US HyspIRI Airborne Campaign - Ian McCubbin
8:55 AM Introduction to the Volcano and Coral Reef HyspIRI Airborne Campaign - Ian McCubbin
9:00 AM Update on the EnMAP Mission - Andrè Hollstein PDF File
9:15 AM Update on AVIRIS-NG Asian Environments Campaign in relation to HyspIRI - Robert Green
9:30 AM Results from the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (i) - Greg Asner
9:45 AM Results from the Carnegie Airborne Observatory (ii) - Greg Asner
10:00 AM Imaging spectroscopy of canopy nutrients in complex Amazonian landscapes - Dana Chadwick and Greg Asner
10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM Gaussian Processes and Self-Organizing Maps for Possibilistic Robust AMbiguity (PRAM) Classification and Regression with Spectral Data - Paul Gader PDF File
10:45 AM Assessing Sub-pixel Vegetation Structure from Imaging Spectroscopy Data via Simulation - Wei Yao PDF File
11:00 AM Identification of plant functional types by characterization of canopy chemistry using an automated advanced canopy radiative transfer model - Karine Adeline and Susan Ustin
11:15 AM Combined hyperspectral VSWIR and broadband thermal infrared analysis of vegetation-substrate mixtures in a mixed natural and anthropogenic landscape - Dar Roberts
11:30 AM Ecosystem Physiology - Phil Townsend
11:45 AM Assessing Biodiverisity and Productivity with Imaging Spectrometry - John Gamon
12:00 PM Lunch and Poster Session
1:00 PM Breakout Sessions (3-4 concurrent) - Lead / Co-Lead
Lead 1 (121) Aquatic Benthic Habitats - Eric Hochberg / Jeff Luvall
Lead 2 (228) Surface Composition - Wendy Calvin and Glynn Hulley / Neil Pearson, Gwen Davies, Nabin Malakar
Lead 3 (Outside) Methane/Atmosphere - Christian Frankenberg / Andrew Thorpe
Lead 4 Open
3:00 PM Present white paper outlines
3:30 PM Comparison of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Satellites for Discriminating Land Cover in Northern California - Matthew Clark PDF File
3:45 PM Increases in the Climate Change Adaption Effectiveness and Availability of Vegetation across a Coastal to Desert Climate Gradient in Metropolitan Los Angeles, CA, USA - Amin Tayyebi PDF File
4:00 PM Study on hyperspectral and polarimetric signatures of vegetation - Yan Lei
4:15 PM Using imaging spectrometry measurements of ecosystem composition to constrain terrestrial biosphere model predictions of carbon, water and energy fluxes - Paul Moorcroft
4:30 PM Mapping Plant Functional Types with AVIRIS imaging spectrometry measurements - Stacy Bogan
4:45 PM Mapping land surface radiation and energy budget from the AVIRIS and MASTER data - Dongdong Wang PDF File
5:00 PM Closing/Adjourn

Thursday, 15 Oct 2015
8:30 AM An algorithm for simultaneous inversion of aerosol properties and surface reflectance from hyperspectral remote sensing data - Jun Wang PDF File
8:45 AM High resolution mapping of methane emissions using the next generation Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS-NG) - Andrew Thorpe PDF File
9:00 AM Spatial and temporal variability of optical snow properties in the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains derived from AVIRIS data - Felix Seidel
9:15 AM Snow and Ice radiative forcing and albedo with imaging spectroscopy measurements - Tom Painter
9:30 AM Status of the ECOSTRESS ISS Mission in relation to HyspIRI - Simon Hook
9:45 AM ECOSTRESS and EARTH University Partnerships - Johan Perret
10:00 AM ECOSTRESS Science Objectives - Josh Fisher 
10:15 AM ECOSTRESS simulated L2 Thermal Infrared Products from MASTER - Glynn Hulley PDF File
10:30 AM ECOSTRESS Instrument overview and focal plane testing results - William Johnson
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Effect of Spatial Resolution for Characterizing Soil Properties from Imaging Spectrometer Data - Dutta Dubsunder PDF File
11:15 AM Applications of HyspIRI preparatory data for environmental monitoring of acid mine drainage - Gwen Davies PDF File
11:30 PM Advances in Mineral Dust Source Composition Measurement with Imaging Spectroscopy Demonstrated at the Salton Sea, CA - Robert Green
11:45 AM Relative Dating of Landslide, Alluvial Fan and Debris Flow Deposits In the Salton Sea Basin Using Mineral Maps Derived From HyspIRI Preparatory Imagery, Field Spectral Data and Observations - Bernard Hubbard PDF File
12:00 PM Utilizing HyspIRI data for geological exploration applications: A southern California case study - Wendy Calvin PDF File
12:15 PM Working Lunch/Applications Breakout (Early Adopters for HyspIRI) - Christine Lee for Vanessa Escobar
1:00 PM Breakout Sessions (4 concurrent) - Lead / Co-Lead
Lead 1 (BIA) Terrestrial Ecology / Plant Physiology - Phil Townsend / John Gamon
Lead 2 (115) Human Health / Water Quality - Jeff Luvall / Eric Hochberg
Lead 3 (121) Cryosphere - Tom Painter / Alex Gardner
3:00 PM Break
3:15 PM Imaging spectroscopy pushing to new frontiers with Tetracorder 5 - Rob Green for Roger Clark
3:30 PM Incorporating Spatial Information in Non-convex Hyperspectral Unmixing - Miguel Velez-Reyes PDF File
3:45 PM Discussion: Status of HyspIRI Requirements and Inputs to the Next Decadal Survey and 2016 plans - Woody Turner, Simon Hook, Rob Green, Betsy Middleton
4:30 PM Closing/Adjourn
POSTERS SESSION Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015. 12:00 PM
EO-1 Hyperion Spectral Time Series, Tracing the Seasonal Dynamics in Ecosystem Fucntion - Petya Campbell
ISS as a Platform for Optical Remote Sensing: A Case Study Using HICO - Karl Huemmrich
Overview of KOMPSAT IR Sensor and Expected Data Applications - Yongseung Kim
Installation and Operation Plan of Hyperspectral Imager Suite - Tsuneo Matsunaga
LP DAAC Surface Data Type Comparison - Stacie Doman Bennett
HyspIRI Preparatory Studies of Aeolian Deposits around the Salton Sea Basin of Southern California - Donald Hooper
Geologic swath map of the Lavic Lake fault from remote sensing - Ryan Witkosky
Understanding basaltic volcanic processes by remotely measuring the links between vegetation health and extent, and volcanic gas and thermal emissions using HyspIRI-like VSWIR and TIR data - Chad Deering
Canopy Structural types discrimination in the Sierra National Forest in central California - Margarita Huesca Martinez
A Hyperspectral thermal emission spectrometer (HyTES) for NASA ER-2: readiness and expected performance - William Johnson
The Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer for NASA ER-2: Readiness and Existing Performance - Jonathan Mihaly
Relationships between urban land surface temperature, air temperature, and NDVI across a coastal desert climate gradient - Sheri Shiflett
Simulated ECOSTRESS L2 Products from the HyspIRI Airborne Campaign - Nabin Malakar
NASA Land Processes DAAC Surface Data Type Comparison - Chris Doescher