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2015 Symposium Agenda and Presentations

Symposium Sponsored by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

June 3, 4 & 5, 2015

Day 1: June 3, 2015 - Morning
Session 1A
HyspIRI: The Fit Within the NASA Program (Chair, Betsy Middleton. GSFC)
8:25am Welcome and Overview of Symposium (Betsy Middleton, HQ)
8:30 Program Status (Woody Turner, HQ)
8:40 NASA’s Plan Forward for Missions (Steve Neeck, NASA HQ)
9:00 Status of Aircraft Program, the Dyson Spectrometer Concept, & The New HyspIRI Initiative on Volcanoes and Coral Reefs (Rob Green, JPL)PDF File
9:25 HyspIRI Thermal & ECOSTRESS (Simon Hook, JPL) PDF File
9:45 EO-1/Hysperion Status (Betsy Middleton, GSFC)PDF File
10:05 EcoSIS Database Overview (Susan Ustis, UC Davis; Phil Townsend, Univ. of Wisc.; Justin Merz, UC Davis; Clayton Kingdon, Univ. of Wisc.) PDF File
10:30 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 1B
SLI and other Relevant Activities
10:50 HQ Perspective on SLI (Woody Turner, HQ) PDF File
11:00 USGS Perspective on SLI (Gregory Snyder, USGS) PDF File
11:20 CEOS/Land Product Validation Perspective (Miguel Roman, GSFC) PDF File
11:40 Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 (Jeff Masek, GSFC) PDF File
12:00pm PACE & GeoCAPE (Antonio Mannino, GSFC) PDF File
12:20 EO-1/Hysperion's Role/Band Synthesis (Guoqing Sun, GSFC/ESSIC & Steve Ungar, GSFC/USRA)
12:40 - 1:40 Lunch, Foyer
Session 2A
Efficient Onboard Processing and Product Distribution (Chair, Dan Mandl, GSFC)
1:40 Fast Target Detection Framework for Onboard Processing of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images (Chiman Kwan, President, Applied Research LLC, Rockville, MD)PDF File
2:00 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for Mapping and Monitoring Smallholder Farms in Tanzania (Jyoteshwar Nagol & Jan Dempewolf, UMD/Depart, Geographical Sciences)PDF File
2:20 A Schmidt-Dyson Imaging Spectrometer in a 12U CubeSat (John Fisher, GSFC) PDF File
2:40 Next Generation UAV-Based Spectral System for Environmental Monitoring IPM Update (Petya Campbell, UMBC & Dan Mandl, GSFC) PDF File
3:00 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 2B
Efficient Onboard Processing and Product Distribution (Chair, Dan Mandl, GSFC)
3:20 Rapid Onboard Co-registration for EO-1 and Landsat (Pat Cappelaere, Vightel Inc. & Jacqueline LeMoigne-Stewart GSFC) PDF File
3:40 Rapid Data Product Deployment via Matsu Cloud/GeoSocial API/Dashboard Demo (Matt Handy, GSFC)
4:00 Onboard Processing Metric Update for ChaiV640/Intelligent Payload Module Flights (Vuong Ly, GSFC)PDF File
4:20 Intelligent Payload Module Update (Dan Mandl, GSFC)PDF File
4:40 Thermal Tutorial (Simon Hook, JPL) PDF File
5:10 Poster Session Speed Talks (~2 min) & Ice Breaker
6:30 ADJOURN, Day 1
Day 2: June 4, 2015
Session 3A
Science and Application Products (Chair, Petya Campbell, 15/10 min) Science and Application Products-Assessment Validation
8:30am VSWIR L1 & L2 Processing Benchmarks: the HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Campaign (David Thompson, JPL) PDF File
8:45 Spectral Properties of Clouds (David Thompson, JPL) PDF File
9:00 Vegetation Function and ET (Yun Yang, USDA) PDF File
9:15 Estimation of GPP with fAPARchl and LAIchl (Qingyuan Zhang, GSFC/USRA)
9:30 Imagining Spectroscopy in California and the Upper Midwest (Aditya Singh, Univ. Wisc.) PDF File
9:45 Assessing Soil Tillage Intesity (Craig Daughtry, USDA) PDF File
10:00 FLEX-US 2013 Airborne Campaign Summary: A collaboration between NASA, ESA, and the Fluorescence Explorer Mission (Larry Corp, GSFC/SSAI) PDF File
10:15 Seasonal Dynamics in Biophysical Products in Hyperion time Series (Petya Campbell, UMBC) PDF File
10:25 An Overflow-free Fixed-point Singular Value Decomposition Algorithm for Dimensionality Reduction of Hyperspectral Images (Anmol Mahanty, IITK) PDF File
10:35 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 3B
New HyspIRI Like Data Sets & Calibration Topics (Steve Ungar, NASA/GSFC)
10:50 Linking Terrestrial Biosphere Models with Remote Sensing Measurements of Ecosystem Composition, Structure & Function (Paul Moorcroft, Harvard Univ.) 
11:10 Spectral Measurements and Field Data Collections, in Support of HyspIRI (John Gamon, Univ. Alberta) PDF File
11:30 - 12:30pm Lunch, Foyer
Session 4A
Cal/Val & Characterizing Hot Targets (Chair, Steve Ungar): Daytime Calibration/Validation (Chair, Chris Neigh, 30/20 min)
12:30 Overview of Spaceborne Spectroscopy for Cross Calibration (Dennis Helder, SDSU) 
1:00 VIIRS Bias Analysis with Hyperion (Sirish Uprety, NOAA/STAR) PDF File
1:20 Multi-temporal cross-calibration of Terra MODIS and Landsat 7 ETM+ reflective solar band (Amit Angal, GSFC/SSAI) PDF File
1:40 Libya-4 PICS Surface Reflectance Time-Series and Hyperion Radiometric Stability (Chris Neigh, GSFC) PDF File
Session 4B
Cal/Val & Characterizing Hot Targets (Chair, Steve Ungar): Nighttime Hyperion Collections (Chair, Steve Ungar)
2:00 An Overview of Nighttime Collections (Steve Ungar, GSFC/USRA)
2:10 Advances in Wildfire Remote Sensing-Report back from TFRSAC (Robert Sohlberg, UMD)
2:20 Observing Volcanic Eruptions with Earth-Observing 1: Smart Software, and the Volcano Sensor Web (Ashley Davies, Simon Hook, JPL) PDF File
2:40 Lunar Collections-Current & New EO-1 methods (Steve Ungar, GSFC/USRA & Lawrence Ong, GSFC/SSAI)
3:00 Lunar Metrology for Satellite Instrument Calibrations (Joel McCorkel, GSFC) PDF File
3:20 CLARREO ISS Pathfinder (Kurt Thome, GSFC) PDF File
3:40 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 5
What is the Way Forward? (Chair, Fred Huemmrich)
4:00 What’s Next? Planning for the Future (Lisa Callahan, GSFC) PDF File
4:20 ESAS2017: The 2017-2027 NRC Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space (Art Charo, NRC) PDF File
4:40 Upcoming Decadal Survey: Imaging Spectroscopy Community (SSG report)
5:00 Terrestrial Ecosystems Monitoring for the Next Decade: Measurement Needs, Technologies and Approaches (Forrest Hall, UMBC)
5:20 Discussion on inputs to 2017 Decadal Survey
5:50 ADJOURN, Day 2
Day 3: June 5, 2015
8:30am HASG Update and Forum Overview (Kevin Turpie, UMBC – HASG Chair)
8:45 PACE Update (Jeremy Werdell, GSFC) PDF File
9:00 GeoCAPE Update (Antonio Mannino, GSFC)
Session 1
Atmospheric correction over coastal and inland waters: Challenges and priorities for implementing an operational atmospheric correction algorithm over coastal and inland waters.
9:15 Solar Irradiance Curves, Cirrus Contamination, and Sun Glint (Bo-Cai Gao, NRL) PDF File
9:35 Radiometric Calibration and Atmospheric Correction (David Thompson, JPL) PDF File
9:55 The Challenge of Absorbing Aerosols (Olga Kalashnikova, JPL) PDF File
10:15 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
10:30 Coastal Trace Gas Variability (Maria Tzortiou, CUNY) PDF File
10:50 Bayesian Approaches to Atmospheric Correction (Robert Frouin, Scripps Institute of Oceanography) PDF File
11:10 HICO On-line Atmospheric Correction over Coastal and Inland Waters – Lessons learned (Curt Davis, OSU) PDF File
11:30 Discussion
12:00pm - 1:00 Lunch, Foyer
Session 2
Hyperspectral data sets for algorithm development: Hyperspectral campaigns (past, present, and future) and what data products are or will be available for the development of hyperspectral remote sensing algorithms.
1:00 Continued Access to Data from HICO (Mary Kappus, NRL) PDF File
1:15 PACE Hyperspectral in situ Data Archive (Cecile Rousseaux,GSFC/USRA) PDF File
1:30 PRISM Airborne Data (Michelle Gierach, JPL)
1:45 Lake Erie Airborne Hyperspectral Campaign (Dave Miller, NRL) PDF File
2:00 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
2:15 Great Lakes Airborne Hyperspectral Campaign (John Lekki, GRC)
2:30 Everglades and Florida Bay Airborne Campaign (Carlos Del Castillo, GSFC)
2:45 HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Campaign in California (Raphe Kudela, UCSC; Liane Guild, ARC; Sherry Palacios, ARC/BAERI) PDF File
3:00 Discussion
3:30 ADJOURN, Day 3
1. HyspIRI and MR PRISM - a Match Made in silico (A.J. Brown, Plancius Software)
2. Spectral Analysis for Detecting Turbidity and Chlorophyll a in Blackbird Creek, Delaware, Using Aisa Hyperspectral Data (Foudan Salem and Gulnihal Ozbay, Delaware State Univ.)
3. EO - 1 Hyperion reflectance time series for remote sensing of vegetation carbon flux dynamics (P. Campbell, Univ. of Maryland, NASA Goddard; E. Middleton NASA Goddard; K. F. Huemmrich Univ. of Maryland, NASA Goddard; S. Bernardes NASA Goddard; Qingyuan Zhang USRA, NASA Goddard; and L. Ong NASA Goddard)
4. Sustainability of Food Production in Ethiopia by Using Remote Sensing Techniques PDF File
5. Real Time Detection and Geolocalization of Methane Plumes by AVIRIS - NG (David R. Thompson NASA's JPL; Andrew Aubrey NASA's JPL; Brian D. Bue NASA's JPL; Michael Eastwood NASA's JPL; Robert O. Green NASA's JPL; Mark Helmlinger NASA's JPL; Eric Kort Univ. of Mich.; Scott Nolte NASA's JPL; Andrew ThorpeNASA's JPL; and Christian Frankenberg NASA's JPL) PDF File
6. Imaging Spectroscopy for Characterizing Soil Properties over Large Areas (Debsunder Dutta, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Praveen Kumar, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Jonathan Greenberg, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign) PDF File