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2014 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2014 HyspIRI Science and Application Workshop
NASA Decadal Survey Mission
14 - 16 October 2014
Beckman Institute Auditorium (BIA)
California Institute of Technology
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125.
Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014
8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:40 AM Welcome and Objectives of HyspIRI Science Workshop - Woody Turner PDF File
9:00 AM Review of the HyspIRI Comprehensive Report for NASA - Robert Green, Ernie Diaz and the HyspIRI team PDF File
9:20 AM Status of the HyspIRI Mission Concept and Level 1 Requirements - Robert O. Green, Simon Hook and Elizabeth MiddletonPDF File
9:40 AM Small Sat VSWIR Study Results with 30m Spatial Sampling and 16 Day Revisit - Michael Mercury and Ernie Diaz
10:00 AM Small Sat TIR Study Results with 5 day Revisit - William R. Johnson
10:20 AM Break and Picture
10:35 AM NASA Applied Science Program Update - Lawrence Friedl (TBC) PDF File
10:50 AM Changes in non-photosynthetic vegetation cover and liquid water thickness during California's record drought - Philip Dennison, Austin Coates and Dar Roberts PDF File
11:05 AM Species mapping using a phenologically inclusive multi-temporal spectral library - Kenneth Dudley, Philip Dennison, Dar Roberts and Keely Roth PDF File
11:25 AM Exploring biodiversity through optical diversity - John Gamon and the Dimensions of Biodiversity team PDF File
11:45 AM Observing and modeling plant functional diversity - Ryan PavlickPDF File
12:05 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Summary of the 2014 HysPIRI Product Symposium at GSFC - Elizabeth Middleton PDF File
1:30 PM HyspIRI-VSWIR type Level 2 processing: Investigations, Advances, Products - David R. Thompson, Bo-Cai Gao, Sarah Lundeen and Elyse Pennington PDF File
1:50 PM Linking Seasonal Foliar Chemistry to VSWIR-TIR Spectroscopy Across California Ecosystems - Susan Meerdink PDF File
2:10 PM HyspIRI-TIR, MASTER and HyTES LST&E Algorithms - Glynn Hulley PDF File
2:30 PM Can HyspIRI-like thermophysical data be used for calibration/validation of SMAP surface soil moisture measurements? - Michael Ramsey and Stephen Scheidt PDF File
2:50 PM Break
3:10 PM COMEX Update - A validation/comparison campaign of imaging and non-imaging spectrometer to observe and quantify methane emissions with application to the HyspIRI and CarbonSat Satellites - Ira Leifer PDF File
3:30 PM Retrieval of methane concentrations using the airborne imaging spectrometers AVIRIS and AVIRISng - Andrew Thorpe, Christian Frankenberg, Dar Roberts and Andrew Aubrey
3:50 PM Real-time retrieval of Methane with AVIRIS-NG - David Thompson PDF File
4:10 PM Snow and Ice Science with HyspIRI type measurements - Tom Painter and Alex Gardner PDF File
4:25 PM Recent Activities of the HyspIRI Aquatic Studies Group (HASG) - Kevin R. Turpie, Ph.D. on behalf of the HASG 
4:45 PM How do optical properties from imaging spectroscopy data relate to structural attributes from LIDAR? - Margarita Huesca, Keely Roth, Mariano Garcia, Angeles Casas and Susan L. Ustin PDF File
5:00 PM Close

Wednesday, 15 Oct 2014
8:40 AM Overview of ECOSTRESS mission - Simon Hook PDF File
9:00 AM ECOSTRESS Science Goals and Objectives - Joshua B. Fisher PDF File
9:20 AM ECOSTRESS Coverage refernced to Landsat - Ernesto Diaz PDF File
9:40 AM ECOSTRESS Level 1 and Level 2 Products - Glynn Hulley PDF File
10:00 AM ECOSTRESS ET Algorithms - Overview - Pierre Guellivic PDF File
10:20 AM Break
10:40 AM ECOSTRESS PT-JPL Algorithm - Joshua Fisher PDF File
11:00 AM ECOSTRESS ALEXI Algorithm - Martha Anderson PDF File
11:20 AM ECOSTRESS METRIC Algorithm - David Allen PDF File
11:40 AM ECOSTRESS L1 and L2 CalVal - Simon Hook PDF File
12:00 PM ECOSTRESS L3 and L4 CalVal - Darren Drewry PDF File
12:20 PM Lunch
1:40 PM Poster Session
3:00 PM Status and Plans of the HyspIRI Airborne Preparatory Campaign and Plan for 2015 - Ian McCubbin PDF File
3:20 PM Mapping of land cover in Northern California with simulated HyspIRI images - Matthew L. Clark and Nina E. Kiham PDF File
3:40 PM Integrated AVIRIS and MASTER analysis for surface composition determination and mapping - Meryl McDowell and Fred Kruse PDF File
4:00 PM Hyperspectral analysis of an inactive open-pit sulfur mine for qualitative and quantitative geochemical features related to temporal changes in acid mine drainage - Gwen Davies PDF File
4:20 PM
4:40 PM Geologic Imaging Spectroscopy of the Mono Basin Region - Neil Pearson PDF File
5:00 PM Mapping quantities of surface radiation budget from AVIRIS and MASTER data - Dongdong Wang PDF File
5:20 PM Using HyspIRI preparatory data for rapid classification of hydrothermal alteration and lithology - Elizabeth Pace PDF File
5:40 PM Plume Tracker Analyses of TIR Data from Recent Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland and Japan - V.J. Realmuto, A. Berk and C. Guiang PDF File
6:00 PM Close
7:00 PM Plume Tracer demonstration - Vince Realmuto

Thursday, 16 Oct 2014
8:20 AM Hyperspectral Visible Derivative Spectroscopy for compositional analysis of CPAs in aquatic systems - Joseph Ortiz PDF File
8:40 AM Remote monitoring of giant kelp biomass and photosynthetic condition: An evaluation of the potential for the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) mission - Tom Bell PDF File
9:20 AM Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Cyanobacterial Blooms In Inland Waters - Raphael M. Kudela, Sherry L. Palacios, Daivd C. Austerberr, K. Accorsi Liane S. Guild and Juan Torres-Perez PDF File
9:40 AM Status of the HyspIRI Special Issue of Remote Sensing of Enviornment - Eric Hochberg and Dar Roberts PDF File
10:00 AM Break
10:20 AM Linking Terrestrial Biosphere Models with Imaging Spectrometry Measurements of Ecosystem Composition - Paul R. Moorcroft, Alex Antonarakis, Stacy Bogan and Paige Kouba 
10:40 AM EcoSIS: The Ecosystem Spectral Information System - Phil Townsend and the EcoSIS Team
11:00 AM Imaging Spectroscopy and Ecosystem Physiology - Phil Townsend, Shawn Serbin, Eric Kruger, Andrew Jablonski, Sean DuBois and Ankur Desai
11:20 AM Data products and applications emerging from the NEON 2013 Airborne Campaign at Domain 17 in California - John Musinsky PDF File
11:40 PM Flight Validation of Generation of OLI data products Onboard Earth Observing One: Status Update - Steve Chien, Jay Torres, Daniel Tran, David R. Thompson, Robert Green, Daniel Mandl, Elizabeth Middleton, Stephen Ungar, Lawrence Ong, Petya Campbell, Bruce Trout and Jerry Hengemihle
12:00 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Investigating the impact of spatially-explicit sub-pixel structural variation on the assessment of vegetation structure from imaging spectroscopy data: II. Simulation approach - Wei Yao and Jan Van Aardt PDF File
1:40 PM AVIRIS and MASTER measurements of fire severity and intensity as HyspIRI precursors - Sander Veraverbeke PDF File
2:00 PM Characterizing the Rim and King MegaFires with MASTER/AVIRIS and LIDAR - Natasha Stavros PDF File
2:20 PM Characterization and Performance of the Prototype HyspIRI-TIR (PHyTIR) Sensor - William Johnson PDF File
2:40 PM Break
3:00 PM VSWIR-Dyson Imaging Spectreometer and an ISS option - Byron van Gorp, Pantazis Mouroulis and Robert Green PDF File
3:20 PM Update on Intelligent Payload Module and Efficient Cloud Based Data Product Distribution Work - Daniel Mandl
3:40 PM A MODTRAN Line-By-Line Option for Band Model Validation and High Resolution Prediction of Emission and Scattering - Alexander Berk PDF File
4:00 PM HyTES Science Results - Glynn Hulley PDF File
4:20 PM Real-time Airborne Demonstration of Fast Lossless Hyperspectral Data Compression System for AVIRIS-NG and PRISM - Didier Keymeulen, Nazeeh Aranki, Huy Luong, Charles Sarture, Michael Eastwood, Ian McCubbin, Alan Mazer, Matt Klimesh, Robert Green, David Dolman and Alireza Bakhshi PDF File
4:40 PM A demonstration of real-time, model driven reflectance retrieval on AVIRIS-NG imagery - Brian D. Bue, David R. Thompson, Michael L. Eastwood, Didier Keymeulen, Bo-Cai Gao, Charles M. Sarture, Alan S. Mazer, Huy H. Luong and Robert O. Green PDF File
5:00 PM Discussion: Status of HyspIRI Requirements and Inputs to the Next Decadal Survey and 2015 plans
5:20 PM Close
POSTERS Wednesday 1:40 to 3:00 pm. Poster may be up during the full workshop
MCScene Limb-Viewing Hyperspectral Image Simulation based on a Polygonal Earth Cross-Section (PEX) Model - Alexander Berk PDF File
Hyperspectral application in agriculture and germplasm stratification - Chandrashekhar Biradar
The Europa Short Wavelength Infrared Spectrometer (ESWIRS) - Retiring Risk in Radiation Mitigation and Planetary Protection - Morgan Cable
Remote Sensing Observations at Multiple Scales to Define Ecosystem Form & Function - Lawrence Corp PDF File
HyTES Spring 2014 Airborne Campaign - Bjorn Eng PDF File
Infrastructure and Natural Resource Adaptation to Machine Space System (INRAMSS) - Sam Nwaneri
Improving Atmospheric Correction For Visible/Short Wave Infrared (VSWIR) Imaging Spectrometers With Iterative Fitting Of Absorption By Three Phases Of Water - Elyse Pennington PDF File
Assessing the Effectiveness of Simulated HyspIRI Data for Use in USDA Forest Service Post-Fire Vegetation Assessment and Decision Support - Ross Reahard, Timothy Sutherlin, Luke Wylie, Caitlin Ruby and Heather Nicholson PDF File
Exploring Spectral and Functional Trait Variation at Leaf & Canopy Scales Across California Ecosystems -Keely Roth, Margarita Huesca, Angeles Casas, Mariano García, Spencer Mathews, Mimar Alsina-Martí, Michael Whiting and Susan Ustin PDF File
Mapping coupled fluxes of carbon and water through multi-sensor data fusion - Mitchell Schull
Using Hypersectral Remote Sensing Imagery and Spectral Mixture Analysis to Understand fire Effects in the 2013 Rim Fire in Yosemite, CA - Zachary Tane PDF File
The COW-Gas (Cal pOly Winter Gas) Campaign: Continuous Mobile and Stantionary Methane Monitoring by In-Situ and Column Measurements at the Cal Poly Research Dairy - Sam Vigil, Ira Leifer, Elena Berman, Jeffery Hall, Laura Iraci, Brian Leen, Tryg Lundquist, Jun Qian, David Tratt and Emily Wilson PDF File
Combined hyperspectral and field mapping along the 1999 Hector Mine earthquake surface rupture - Ryan Witkosky, Sinan Akciz, Kerry Buckland, Janet Harvey, Ken Hudnut, Katherine Kendrick, Dave Lynch, Kate Scharer, Frank Sousa, Joann Stock and David Tratt PDF File
Investigating the impact of spatially-explicit sub-pixel structural variation on the assessment of vegetation structure from imaging spectroscopy data: II. Simulation approach - Wei Yao and Jan Van Aardt PDF File
Near-Infra-Red Suppressed "Blue" Calibration Source - Michael Eastwood, Robert Green and Mark Helmlinger PDF File
Hyperspectral Imaging System Development and Applications at NASA GRC - Larry Liou PDF File
Exploring Spectral and Functional Trait Variation at Leaf & Canopy Scales Across California Ecosystem - Keely Roth PDF File
Hyperspectral Microscopy for enhanced characterization of ground-truth spectral signatures - David Allen PDF File
Comparative mineral mapping of alluvial fans and associated aeolian and lacustrine deposits around the Salton Sea, California using MICA: A new tool for rapid classification of HyspIRI VSWIR imagery - Bernard Hubbard, J. Mars, R. Kokaly, and D. Hooper PDF File
How well would HyspIRI TIR resolve global patterns of volcanicm thermal unrest if it was flown on the ISS? - Robert Wright
High-resolution remote sensing of water quality in the California Bay-Delta with the Portable Remote Imaging SpectroMeter (PRISM) - Cedric Fichot
Self-Organization, Neighborhoods, and Possibilistic Classification - Paul Gader, Leila Kalantari and Ron Fick
Nonlinear unmixing via linear mixtures of Hapke models - Rob Heylen, Mario Parente and Paul Gader