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2014 Symposium Agenda and Presentations

Symposium Sponsored by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

June 4 & 5, 2014

Day 1: June 4, 2014 - Morning
Evolving the HyspIRI Mission and Products (Chair Elizabeth Middleton, NASA/GSFC)
9:00am Welcome and Overview of Symposium (Elizabeth Middleton, NASA/GSFC) PDF File
9:15 Status of HyspIRI (Woody Turner, NASA/HQ ) PDF File
9:30 NASA’s Evolving Vision for Space (Steve Volz, NASA/HQ)
9:45 Summary: Comprehensive Mission Report, 2008-2013 (Rob Green, NASA/JPL)PDF File
10:00 Systems Architecture for Distributed Spacecraft Missions (Jacqueline Le Moigne, NASA/GSFC)
10:15 White Paper Summary: Science Impact, Deploying VSWIR & TIR Instruments on Separate Platforms (Simon Hook, NASA/JPL)PDF File
10:30 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 1
HyspIRI’s compatibility with other US Missions and Sustainable Land Imaging, SLI (Chair,  Petya Campbell, UMBC)
11:00 Architecture Study Scope & Methods / Hyperspectral Imaging & SLI (Del Jenstrom / Jeff Masek, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
11:30 Sustainable Land Imaging (SLI) for USGS (Ray Byrnes, USGS)PDF File
11:45 CEOS/Essential Climate Variables and SLI (Miguel Roman, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
12:00pm Landsat 8 (Jim Irons, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
12:15 VIIRS and MODIS (Robert Wolfe, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
12:30 PACE (Carlos Del Castillo, NASA/GSFC)
12:45 Session 1 Open Discussion (Everyone)
1:00 - 2:00 Lunch, Foyer
Session 2
Ecosystem Studies (Chair Susan Ustin, UC Davis)
2:00 Everyone Retrieving LUE with Hyperion Globally (Fred Huemmrich, NASA/GSFC) PDF File
2:15 Retrieving the New fAPARchl Product from Space (Qingyuan Zhang, NASA/GSFC)
2:30 Retrieving GPP in Forests and Agriculture (Ben Cheng, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
2:45 Vegetation Feature Analysis and Spectral Comparison Using the USGS PRISM Software (Ray Kokaly, USGS)
3:00 EcoSIS: The Ecosystem Spectral Information System (Philip Townsend, UW) PDF File
3:15 Mapping Fire Scars Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Kernel Based Image Analysis (Saurabh Prasad, UH)PDF File>
3:30 Coastal Remote Sensing Using HICO: Results, Challenges and Applications for HyspIRI (Wesley Moses, NRL)PDF File
3:35 Coffee Break/Poster, Foyer
Session 3A
Aquatic Ecology (Jeff Luvall, MSFC)
4:10 HyspIRI Aquatic Studies Group (HASG) Activities (Wesley Moses, NRL) PDF File
4:30 Decomposition of Hyperspectral Data for use in Case 2 Environments (Joseph D. Ortiz, Kent State University) PDF File
4:45 Role of Space Borne Imaging Spectrometry in Global Water Quality Monitoring (Arnold Dekker, CSIRO)
Session 3B
Public Health and Disasters (Jeff Luvall, MSFC)
5:00 Health and Air (John Haynes, NASA/HQ)
5:15 CEOS Disaster Risk Management for Societal Benefit (Stu Frye, NASA/GSFC) PDF File
5:30 Volcanoes (Rick Wessels, USGS)
5:45 SLI Requirements to Monitor Surface Soil Moisture with HyspIRI-like Data (Mike Ramsey, U. of Pittsburgh) PDF File
6:00 ADJOURN, Day 1
Day 2: June 5, 2014
Session 4A
New HyspIRI Like Data Sets & Calibration Topics (Chair Rob Green, NASA/JPL)
8:45am HyspIRI Airborne Campaign Overview (TBD) PDF File
9:00 Level 2 Processing of AVIRIS HyspIRI Preparatory Campaign Measurements (Rob Green, NASA/JPL) PDF File
9:15 HyspIRI Flight Campaigns for Summer Sea-Land Thermal Gradients & Sea-Breezes in LA (Jorge Gonzalez, NOAA)PDF File
9:30 Atmospheric Corrections (Bo-Cai Gao, Naval Research Lab)PDF File
9:45 Poster Speed Talks (5 @ 3 minutes each)
10:00 Coffee Break with Demo Presentations, Foyer
GEO-social/API Demo (Pat Cappelaere, Vightel) AND Fast AC Demo (Vuong Ly, NASA/ GSFC)
Session 4B
New HyspIRI Like Data Sets & Calibration Topics (Steve Ungar, NASA/GSFC)
10:30 Calibration and Validation of AVIRIS-C and AVIRIS-NG in Relation to HyspIRI (Robert Green and the AVIRIS Team)PDF File
10:45 Landsat-7&8/Hyperion/G-LiHT/CLARREO (Joel McCorkel, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
11:00 Hyperion Stability and Sub-pixel Heterogeneity in a Pseudo-invariant Desert Site (Chris Neigh, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
11:15 EO-1 Calibrations (Lawrence Ong, NASA/GSFC)
11:30 Geo-correction or Geo-corruption (Steve Ungar, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
11:45 Discussion: Can Spectrometers Provide Landsat Data Continuity? (Chair, Steve Ungar, NASA/GSFC)
12:00pm - 1:00 Lunch, Foyer
Session 5
Intelligent Payload Module (Chair Dan Mandl, NASA/GSFC)
1:00 Intelligent Payload Module (PM) Concept Evolution (Dan Mandl, NASA/GSFC) PDF File
1:15 Prototype and Metrics for Data Processing Chain Components of IPM (Vuong Ly, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
1:30 Generation of OLI Data Products Onboard Earth Observing One: a Preliminary Report (Steve Chien, NASA/JPL) PDF File
1:45 CubeSat Technology Flight Validation and the IPEX Mission (Charles Norton, NASA/JPL)PDF File
2:00 Flight Validation of HyspIRI IPM Concepts on the Intelligent Payload Experiment (IPEX) CubeSat (Steve Chien, NASA/JPL)PDF File
2:15 Csp and Xilynx Zynq Processors for Onboard Processing (Chris Wilson, U. Florida and CHREC)
2:30pm - 3:00 Coffee Break/Posters, Foyer
Session 6
Ground Data Processing and Distribution (Chairs Pat Cappelaere, Vightel)
3:00 Data Products on Cloud - Update (Vuong Ly, NASA/GSFC)
3:15 Cloud-based Scanning Analytics for Large Volumes of Hyperspectral Data (Maria Patterson, U. Chicago)PDF File
3:30 NASA Earth Science Products for Farmer Management and Cell Phone Systems (Molly Brown, NASA/GSFC)
3:45 Data Fusion and Compression (Wojciech Czaja, UMD)
4:00 OpenGeoSocial API: Product Discovery/Distribution via Social Networks (Pat Cappelaere, Vightel) PDF File
4:15 Distributed Disaster Architecture (John Evans, GST)PDF File
Preparing for Next Decadal Survey (Chair, Woody Turner, NASA/HQ)
4:30 The NRC 2017 Decadal Survey (Woody Turner, NASA/HQ)
4:45 Discussion: How can HyspIRI Contribute?
5:00 Group Discussion, Synopsis and Concluding Remarks (Elizabeth Middleton, NASA/GSFC)
5:30 ADJOURN, HyspIRI Symposium
1. Hyperspectral microscopy in support of robust spectral signature development (David W. Allen, NIST) PDF File
2. Costal Remote Sensing Using HICO: Results, Challenges andApplications for HyspIR (Wesley Moses; Jeffrey Bowles; Gia Lamela; Richard Mied; Karen Patterson; Ellen Wagner)
3. Applications of Future NASA Decadal Missions for Observing Earths Land-Water Processes (Jeffery Luvall; Simon Hook; Molly Brown; Maria Tzortziou; Mark Curroll; Vanessa Escobar; Ali Omar)
4. Field to Regional Scale mapping of Energy, Water, and Caron Exchange through Remotely Sensed Indicators of Light-use-efficiency (Mitchell Schull; Martha Anderson; Bill Kustas; Rasmus Houborg)
5. Using Ocean Color to Access Phytoplankton Functional Types and Water Quality at the Land-Sea Level(Sherry Palacios; Raphael Kudela; Liane Guild; Juan Torres-Perez; Chris Schafer; Stanford Hooker; John Morrow)
6. High-Quality Optical Observations (H-Q2O): Improving Atmosphere Correction and Remote Sensing of Water Quality and Biodiversity in the Coastal Zone (Liane Guild; Raphael Kudela; Stanford Hooker; John Morrow; Phil Russell; Jens Redemann; Sherry Palacois; John Livingston; Juan Torres-Perez; Kirk Knobelspiesse; Matthew Johnson; Meloe Kacenelenbogen)