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2012 Symposium Agenda and Presentations

Symposium Sponsored by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

May 16 & 17, 2012

Day 1: May 16, 2012 - Morning
8:30- 9:30am Status of HyspIRI Mission (Woody Turner, NASA/HQ) PDF File
Short summary of HyspIRI mission & instruments  (Rob Green, Simon Hook, NASA/JPL) PDF File
Review of Symposia 1 &2.
HyspIRI Science Questions and Symposium 3 Objectives
(Betsy Middleton, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
9:50-10:20am Examples of existing higher level products (Fred Huemmrich, UMBC)PDF File
Desired New HyspIRI Products (Petya Campbell, UMBC)PDF File
10:30-11:45am Daily ET Products at Landsat/HyspIRI Scale from MODIS- & Landsat/HyspIRI-like Data (Carmelo Cammalleri, USDA)PDF File
Evapotranspiration Using Remote Sensing & Weather Data in Mesoscale/local Scale Physically Based Models (Susan Ustin, UCD)PDF File
Tower Flux Estimates at Validation Sites with EO-1 Hyperion (Fred Huemmrich & Petya Campbell, UMBC)PDF File
Three years, 150 AVIRIS images: Practical considerations for analyses of large hyperspectral data sets for ecosystem studies (Aditya Singh & Phil Townsend, UW)PDF File
Day 1: May 16, 2012 - Afternoon
1:00-2:05pm Discussion of Topic 1 - Higher Level Ecosystem Products: Prioritize desired products; Discuss methods, tools and resources required (Susan Ustin, UCD & Fred Huemmrich, UMBC)
2:10-2:30pm Extracting Temperature and Emissivity from High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Thermal Infrared Data (Simon Hook & Glynn Hulley, NASA/JPL) PDF File
2:30-3:00pm Topic 2. Disturbances & Human Impact Questions (VQ4, TQ3, 5; CQ2, CQ6) Examples of existing higher level products: (Dale Quattrochi & Jeff Luvall, NASA/MSFC)PDF File PDF File
3:25-4:25pm Synergies between VSWIR and TIR data for the urban environment: An evaluation of the potential for the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) Decadal Survey mission (Dar Roberts, UCSB, Dale Quattrochi, NASA/MSFC; Glynn Hulley, Simon Hook & Rob Green, NASA/JPL)PDF File
Estimating Agricultural Crop Residue: Opportunities for HyspIRI (Melba Crawford, Purdue)PDF File
Values and Advantages of HyspIRI for Remote Sensing of Aquatic Environments (ZhongPing Lee, UMASS) PDF File
4:25-5:30pm Discussion of Topic 2 - Disturbances & Human Impact: Prioritize desired products; Discuss methods, tools and resources required (Dale Quattrochi, NASA/MSFC & Melba Crawford, Purdue)
5:30-6:00pm General Discussions (Leaders: Woody Turner, NASA/HQ & Petya Campbell, UMBC)
Day 2: May 17, 2012
8:30-9:30am Intelligent Payload Module (IPM) PDF File
Cloud Data Distribution PDF File
Low Latency Tools & Products; ESTO activities (Dan Mandl, NASA GSFC, & Robert Sohlberg, UMBC)PDF File
9:30-10:30am Examples of Higher level Products Possible from Existing Assets: Landsat, MODIS, ASTER, MASTER, AVIRIS, Hyperion, ALI (John “Lyle” Mars, USGS, HyspIRI staff) PDF File
Identify desired new HyspIRI products (Rob Wright, UH)PDF File
10:30-10:45am Atmospheric Correction Tools/Application for HyspIRI: Onboard & on the Cloud (Tim Perkins, Spectral Sciences, Inc.)PDF File
11:00-11:45am ASTER Standard TIR Data Products (Mike Abrams, NASA/JPL)PDF File
Results of increased spatial and spectral observations of volcanic activity: Implications for HyspIRI TIR data (Michael Ramsey, Univ. Pittsburgh)PDF File
Quantifying global volcanic unrest with HyspIRI: near-real-time algorithms and products (Rob Wright, UH)PDF File
11:45am-12:50pm Atmospheric Correction Tools and Application Needs, Using EO-1 Hyperion Images (Pat Cappelaere, NASA/GSFC & Steve Adler-Golden, Spectral Sciences, Inc.)
12:50-2:05pm Discussion of Topic 3 - Volcanoes, Natural Hazards & Mineral/Resources: Prioritize desired products; Discuss methods, tools and resources required (Mike Abrams, NASA/JPL & Rob Wright, UH)
2:10-2:40pm Geo-location knowledge requirements for HyspIRI products & science questions (Steve Ungar & Pat Cappelaere, NASA/GSFC)PDF File
3:10-4:10pm Geolocation Challenges & Topic 1 (Ecosystems) (Leaders: Susan Ustin, UCD & Fred Huemmrich, UMBC)
Geolocation Challenges & Topics 2 (Disturbance/Human Impacts) and 3 (Volcanoes & Disasters) (Leaders: Dale Quattrochi, NASA/MFSC & Rob Wright, UH)
4:15-4:30pm Open Discussion on General Needs & Issues for Higher Level HyspIRI Products (Leader: Betsy Middleton, NASA GSFC & Yen-Ben Cheng, ERT)
4:30-5:30pm Reports to Full Meeting from Each Discussion (Leaders: Betsy Middleton, NASA GSFC & Woody Turner, NASA/HQ)