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2012 Science Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2012 HyspIRI Science Workshop
NASA Decadal Survey Mission

16 - 18 October 2012, Washington, DC

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012
8:00 AM Registration Opens

Welcome and Programmatic Context (Chair Woody Turner)
9:00 AM Welcome and Objectives of HyspIRI Science Workshop - Woody Turner, John LaBrecque PDF File
9:10 AM Earth Science Decadal Survey and Climate Initiative Update - Michael Freilich, NASA Earth Science Division, Director PDF File
9:30 AM The Interagency Environment for Global Change Reseach: Where does HyspIRI fit? - Jack Kaye NASA Earth Science Division, Associate Director for Research PDF File
9:50 AM Overview of HyspIRI Global Science and Applied Sciences Measurements - Woody Turner PDF File

Global and Large-Region HyspIRI Science
10:00 AM Observing changing global biodiversity and biogeochemistry in the Anthropocene - Dave Schimel, Greg Asner, Paul Moorcroft and Andrew Fox PDF File
10:20 AM The relationship between species composition, fractional cover, canopy water content and Land Surface Temperature in a Mediterranean Ecosystem - Dar Roberts PDF File
10:40 AM Implications of temporal and spectral resolution changes for HyspIRI TIR data of volcanoes - Michael Ramsey PDF File
11:00 AM Break
11:30 AM Global observations of snow albedo and radiative forcing by light absorbing impurities from HyspIRI - Tom Painter PDF File
12:00 PM AVIRIS and HyspIRI sensitivity to atmospheric carbon dioxide plumes - Phil Dennison PDF File
12:20 PM Lunch

Global and Large-Region HyspIRI Science cont. (Chair Robert Green)
1:40 PM Fire severity and impact on carbon emission estimates from wildfires - Sander Veraverbeke PDF File
2:00 PM Plant Photosynthetic Mechanism: The Theoretical and Empirical Basis for Imaging Spectroscopy - Phil Townsend PDF File
2:20 PM A framework for global mapping of forest properties and composition using biophysical/biochemical leaf traits - Susan Ustin PDF File
2:40 PM Advances in Airborne Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Ecosystems at NEON and Relevance to HyspIRI - Tom Kampe PDF File
3:00 PM Mapping forest functional traits using imaging spectroscopy - Shawn Serbin
3:20 PM Break

HyspIRI Mission Concept
3:40 PM Update on upcoming Decadal Survery and other Earth Science Division Missions - Steve Volz, NASA Earth Science Division, Associate Director for Flight Programs PDF File
4:00 PM HyspIRI Mission Concept Overview and Recent ICE and TRL Activities - Carl Bruce PDF File
4:15 PM Status of the VSWIR payload element concept - Carl Bruce PDF File
4:30 PM Status of the TIR payload element concept - Marc Foote PDF File
4:45 PM Status of the IPM payload element concept - Dan Mandl PDF File
5:00 PM ESTO Investments in Support of the HyspIRI Mission Concept - Charles Norton PDF File
5:20 AM HyspIRI Draft Level 1 Requirements in the Context of the Decadal Survey: Community Input - Robert Green et al., PDF File
5:30 AM Discussion and Feedback on the HsypIRI Mission Concept and Implications for Global Science - HyspIRI Concept Team
5:50 PM Close

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2012
HyspIRI Products and Related Science and Science Applications (Chair Elizabeth Middleton)
8:20 AM Overview of the 2012 HyspIRI Data Products Symposium - Elizabeth Middleton PDF File
8:40 AM Improved atmospheric correction techniques for MASTER and HyspIRI TIR data - Glynn Hulley PDF File
9:00 AM Land surface temperature and emissivity uncertainty analysis of the HyspIRI instrument over nine pseudo-invariant sand dune sites in the US southwest - Topher Hughes PDF File
9:20 AM Benchmarking of the VSWIR Level 1 and Level 2 products - Sarah Lundeen/Robert Green PDF File
9:40 AM Development of Aquatic Coastal and In-Land Water Data Products - Kevin Turpie PDF File
10:00 AM Break
10:20 AM Ground-based imaging of volcanic plumes for HyspIRI calibration and field validation - Robert Wright PDF File
10:40 AM ASTER Observations Near the Source Vents of Volcanic Plumes: Analogues for the HyspIRI TIR Mission - Vince Realmuto PDF File
11:00 AM AVIRIS measures of postfire changes in canopy moisture, biomass and nitrogen following the JesusitaGap and Tea Fires - Dar Roberts
11:20 AM Specifications of a mission combining high spatial resolution and revisit in the thermal infrared: the CNES MISTIGRI project- Jean-Pierre Lagouarde PDF File
11:40 AM Lunch

HyspIRI Science Applications and Coastal and Inland Waters (Chair Steven Ungar)
1:00 PM The NASA Applied Sciences Program: Preparations for Decadal Survey missions - Lawrence Friedl, NASA Earth Science Division, Associate Director for Applied Sciences PDF File Movie File video File
1:20 PM Transcontinental Surface Validation of Satellite Observations of Enhanced Methane Anomalies and Fossil Fuel Industrial Fugitive Methane Emissions - Ira Leifer PDF File
1:40 PM Identification of a major faulted zone north of Jaipur City, India through EO-1 Hyperion data using hydrothermal alteration minerals - Himanshu Govil PDF File
2:00 PM Potential for Improved Urban Land Surface Characterization and Land Surface Temperature Analysis Using HyspIRI Data - Dale Quattrochi and Jeffrey Luvall PDF File
2:20 PM Impact Assessment of Large Scale Floods Using Imaging Spectroscopy - Praveen Kumar PDF File
2:40 PM Estimation of Evapotranspiration over Jornada and Sevilleta, New Mexico Sites with Simulated HyspIRI Data - Andrew French PDF File
3:00 PM Break
3:20 PM Deriving Inland Water Quality from Hyperspectral Imagery - Els Knaeps/Koen Meuleman PDF File
3:40 PM Hyperspectral remote sensing in coastal waters: PRISM field validation in Monterey Bay - Heidi Dierssen PDF File
4:00 PM High Resolution Assessment of Carbon Dynamics in Seagrass and Coral Reef Biomes - Frank Muller-Karger PDF File
4:20 PM Hyperspectral Measurements to Predict Marine Phytoplankton Biodiversity in Coastal Regions - Tiffany A.H. Moisan PDF File

Poster Session (Chair Robert Green)
5:00 PM Poster Session Previews 1 minute slides
5:30 PM Poster Session
7:00 PM Close

Thursday, 18 Oct 2012
International Related Activities, Calibration, and Science (Chair Robert Green)
8:20 AM 2012 Hyperspectral airborne campaign on Etna: multi data acquisition for ASI-PRISMA data simulation and algorithms development - Maria Fabrizia Buongiorno PDF File Movie File
8:40 AM Advanced Earth Science Products using APEX - Michael Schaepman PDF File
9:00 AM A Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Imaging Instrument for Natural Resources Applications - Martin Schlerf PDF File
9:20 AM Current Status of Hyperspectral Imager Suite (HISUI) Project - Tsuneo Matsunaga PDF File
9:40 AM The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) - Status and Future Science Issues - Hermann Kaufmann PDF File
10:00 AM Australian Perspective on HsypIRI and opportunities for collaboration including Cal/Val - Alex Held PDF File
10:20 AM Break

HyspIRI Science, Calibration and Real Time Downlink
10:40 AM Plume Tracer: Interactive Mapping of Atmospheric Plumes via GPU-based Volumetric Ray Casting - Lex Berk PDF File
11:00 AM Assessing bio-optical variability of ocean waters and adjacent coral reefs using hyperspectral satellites - Arnold Dekker PDF File
11:20 AM Multi-Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (MESMA) of AVIRIS Images Collected Over the Jornada Experimental Range - Kelly Thorp PDF File
11:40 PM HyspIRI Ecosystem Spectral Library - Robert O. Green PDF File
12:00 PM Lunch

HyspIRI Related Preparatory Activities and Technology (Chair Woody Turner)
1:20 AM New evapotranspiration CalVal sites in interior Alaska: preparatory science for NASA's planned HyspIRI mission - Anupma Prakash PDF File
1:40 AM Prototyping HyspIRI VSWIR Lunar Calibration Strategies with EO-1 Hyperion - Stephen Ungar PDF File
2:00 PM Flight and Ground Operations Concept for the HyspIRI Intelligent Payload Module - Steve Chien PDF File
2:20 PM HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Mission - Woody Turner PDF File
2:40 PM First flight of the HyTES airborne Instrument - Simon J. Hook PDF File
3:00 PM Initial Flights and HyspIRI Technology Validation with the AVIRIS Next Generation Instrument - Robert O. Green PDF File
3:20 PM Break
3:40 PM Measurements of Portable Remote Imaging Spectrometer (PRISM) Coastal Ocean Sensor from Monterey Bay, CA - Pantazis Mouroulis PDF File
4:00 PM Status of the PHyTIR Technology Task for the HyspIRI TIR Instrument Concept - Simon J. Hook PDF File
4:40 PM Discussion: International Missions, Science, and Technology Status - HyspIRI Concept Team
5:00 PM Plans for Next HyspIRI Science Workshop and Data Products Symposium - Woody Turner and John LaBrecque
5:20 PM Close

A High Performance Algorithm to Improve the Spatial Resolution of HyspIRI Images - Chiman Kwan PDF File
Testing Global Approaches for Optical Remote Sensing of Carbon Fluxes Using EO-1 Hyperion Data - Karl Huemmrich PDF File
Determining Diurnal Variations of Land Surface Emissivity from Satellites - Zhenglong Li PDF File
Compensation for sub-pixel roughness effects in thermal-infrared images - Iryna Danilina PDF File
Directly measure water-leaving radiance in the field with a sky-light-blocked radiometer - Zhongping Lee PDF File
NASA's Coastal and Ocean Airborne Science Testbed for Satellite Cal/Val - Liane Guild PDF File
Hyperspectral Image Analysis of Aquatic Vegetation - Alfanso Blanco PDF File
Intelligent Payload Module Prototype Flights for Low Latency Researchers - Dan Mandl
Computation Cloud Services for Rapid Data Product Delivery for HyspIRI - Dan Mandl
Expected Cloud Free views for HyspIRI using an afternoon orbit - Ernesto Diaz PDF File
NIRST:4 micron fire detection - Hugo Marraco PDF File
NIRST:On-flight Relative Calibration - First approach - Hugo Marraco PDF File
Hyperspectral versus Multispectral Crop- Biophysical Modeling and Type Discrimination - Isabella Mariotto
Expanding the Impact of Remote Sensing Science - Apps, Algorithms and Data - James Goodman PDF File
Sensitivity of Full-Width at Half Maximum (FWHM) and spectral fidelity to inversion retrievals of pigments and Inherent Optical Properties (IOPs) - John Moisan
Reflective and thermal properties of natural and urban ecosystems - Petya Campbell PDF File
HyspIRI Pointing Knowledge Requirement Investigation - Michael Mercury PDF File
Characterizing ecosystem metabolism across climatic and vegetation gradients in California with imaging spectroscopy and thermal infrared (IR) imagery - Shawn Serbin PDF File
Comparing the utility of multi-spectral and hyperspectral satellite data for retrieving vegetation biophysical parameters - Rasmus Houborg
NIRST data simulation using temperatures of Lake Tahoe Validation Site - Marisa Kalemkarian PDF File
Hyperspectral remote sensing in coastal waters: PRISM field validation in Monterey Bay - Kelley Bostrom PDF File
Land surface temperature and emissivity uncertainty analysis of the HyspIRI instrument over nine pseudo-invariant sand dune sites in the US southwest - Topher Hughes PDF File
Synergy of VSWIR (0.4-2.5 µm) and MTIR (3.5-12.5 µm) data for post-fire assessments - Sander Veraverbeke PDF File
Potential of HyspIRI/TIR emissivity spectra for snow/ice monitoring - Hideyuki Tonooka
Analysis of seasonal and diurnal variation in vegetation canopy water content using AVIRIS-derived liquid water products from ACORN - Tao Cheng, David Riaño, and Susan Ustin PDF File
Fusing Landsat-HyspIRI/MODIS/GOES water use for high spatiotemporal applications- Carmelo Cammalleri PDF File
A HyspIRI Bus Platform Concept, Flight Proven & Mission Ready - Robert Meurer PDF File
Oil spill detection using Hyperspectral image analysis on water in soil - Foudan Salem PDF File
Geometric Aspects of EnMAP - Tobias Storch PDF File
Assessment of urbanization on the integrated land-ocean-atmosphere environment in a coastal metropolis in preparation for HyspIRI - Jorge Gonzalez PDF File
Enabling Autonomous On-board Hyperspectral Image Processing Through Advanced Radiation Mitigation Techniques for the SpaceCube – Matthew French
The Prototype HyspIRI Thermal Infrared Radiometer (PHyTIR) - William Johnson PDF File
The Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES) - William Johnson PDF File
The Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) Public Health & Air Quality Applications - Jeffrey C. Luvall PDF File
The Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) Applications for Natural Disasters - Michael Abrams PDF File
An Automated Image Processing Workflow for Air/Spaceborne (Hyperspectral) Remote Sensing - Koen Meuleman PDF File PDF File
Design of Improved Hardware Configuration for Spaceborne FPGA-based Architectures - Kevin Fisher PDF File
Development of an Object Detection Module for Star-tracker Systems - Alejandro Cristo PDF File
Monitoring Drought and Water use using Multi-scale Thermal Remote Sensing Data - Martha Anderson