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2011 Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2011 HyspIRI Science Workshop - NASA Decadal Survey Mission

23 -25 August 2011, Washington, DC


Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 AM: Programmatic Context and Overview of the HyspIRI Mission
8:00 AM Registration Opens
9:00 AM Welcome and Objectives of HyspIRI Science Workshop - Woody Turner, John LaBrecque PDF File
9:20 AM The Evolving Interagency Picture for Global Environmental Research - Jack Kaye NASA Earth Science Division, Associate Director for Research
9:40 AM HyspIRI VSWIR Science Measurement and Instrument Concept Baseline - Rob Green, Carl Bruce and Elizabeth Middleton PDF File
10:00 AM HyspIRI TIR Science Measurement and Instrument Concept - Simon Hook and Marc Foote PDF File
10:20 AM Status of NASA's Climate Initiative Plan: The Evolution of the Decadal Survey - Michael Freilich, NASA Earth Science Division, Director
10:40 AM Measurements for New understanding and Improved Forecasting of the Response and Feedback of the Earth's Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems to Climate - Scott Ollinger
11:00 AM Break
11:20 AM HyspIRI Mission Concept with Low Latency - Bogdan Oaida, Dan Mandl, Michael Mercury and Robert Knox PDF File
11:40 AM Review Draft Preliminary HyspIRI Mission Level 1 Requirements - Rob Green and Simon Hook PDF File
12:00 PM A unique role for HyspIRI in Earth System Science dynamical global vegetation models - Jose Moreno PDF File
12:20 PM Lunch
Tuesday, 23 Aug 2011 PM: Global Scientific Objectives and HyspIRI Precursor Science and Technology
1:40 PM Can HyspIRI provide data that will reduce uncertainties in the global carbon budget? Results of two small workshops on the role of HyspIRI in climate research - Susan Ustin and Workshop Team
2:00 PM Discriminating dominant plant species and functional types across ecosystems using imaging spectroscopy and multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis - Keely L. Roth, Dennison, P.E., Roberts, D.A. and Fryer, G.K. PDF File
2:20 PM Status of AVIRIS Next Generation and Technologies Validated for the HyspIRI VSWIR Instrument Concept - Robert O. Green and the AVIRIS-NG Team PDF File
2:40 PM Status of HyTES/PHyTIR Concepts and Technologies being Validated for the HyspIRI TIR Instrument Concept - Simon J. Hook and the HyTES/PHyTIR Team PDF File
3:00 PM HyspIRI: Temperature and the Measurement of Ecosystem Processes - Philip A. Townsend, Shawn Serbin and Aditya Singh
3:20 PM Radiative forcing by light-absorbing impurities in mountain snow inferred from imaging spectroscopy: Case studies from the Upper Colorado River Basin and the Khumbu Himal, Nepal - T.H. Painter, A.C. Bryant, B.C. Gao, R.O. Green, M. Skiles PDF File
3:40 PM Break
4:00 PM Remote Sensing Derived Estimates of Forest Structure and Composition - Paul Moorcroft
4:20 PM Prototype Ecosystem Products Developed at GSFC - Betsy Middleton - Betsy Middleton
4:40 PM Using AVIRIS to map local CH4 emissions: Potential for HyspIRI - Andrew K. Thorpe, Eliza S. Bradley1, Dar A. Roberts1, Philip E. Dennison2, Christopher C. Funk1
5:00 PM Contributions of HyspIRI science to monitoring global coastal wetlands and near shore aquatic environments - Susan Ustin and Shruti Khanna
5:20 PM Characterization of Glint and Its Impact on HyspIRI Aquatic Science - Eric Hochberg and the HyspIRI Sunglint Subgroup. PDF File
6:00 PM DISCUSSION: Roles of HyspIRI in fullfilling the Decadal Survery Objectives
Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011: Global and Regional Science Applications of HyspIRI Measurements
8:00 AM Autonomous Forecasting Of Lava Flow Hazards Using HYSPIRI -Robert Wright PDF File
8:20 AM HyspIRI Preparatory Data Sets for Volcanology Applied to Mt Etna, Italy - Michael Abrams, Vince Realmuto, Dave Pieri and Rob Wright PDF File
8:40 AM Potential Contributions of HyspIRI to the Remote Sensing of Volcanic Plumes - Vincent J. Realmuto PDF File
9:00 AM In situ observations of volcanic emissions for sub-orbital calibration and validation - David Pieri, Geoffrey Bland, Andres Diaz, Matthew Fladeland PDF File
9:20 AM How will remote sensing of volcanic activity continue to evolve with HyspIRI data? - Michael Ramsey, Christopher Hughes, and Andrew Harris
9:40 AM Using combined ShortWave -InfraRed (SWIR) and Thermal InfraRed (TIR) spectral signatures to regionally map mineral deposits - John Mars
10:00 AM Break
10:20 AM Wildfire Mapping and Decision Support, Capabilities, Gaps & Opportunities - Everett Hinkley PDF File
10:40 AM Practical considerations regarding the use of HyspIRI for fire monitoring - Louis Giglio, Evan Ellicott, Ivan Csiszar, Wilfrid Schroeder PDF File
11:00 AM Improving global fire carbon emissions estimates by combining moderate resolution burned area and active fire observations - Jim Randerson, Yang Chen
11:20 AM The potential of mid infrared data for post-fire assessments - S. Veraverbeke, S. Harris, G. Hulley, S. Hook PDF File
11:40 AM Spatial scaling of imaging spectrometer fire detection and temperature modeling - Phillip Dennison, Scott Matheson PDF File
12:00 AM Lunch
1:00 PM Monitoring evapotranspiration over arid lands of the U.S. Southwest - Andrew N. French, Juan Manuel Sanchez, Vicente Garcia-Santos, Enric Valor, Cesar Coll & Tom Schmugge PDF File
1:20 PM Routine local to regional scale evapotranspiration monitoring by combining geostationary with HyspIRI observations - William Kustas, Martha Anderson and Feng Gao
1:40 PM Monitoring drought at fine spatial scales using HyspIRI data - Martha Anderson, William Kustas and Feng Gao
2:00 PM Use of optical and thermal infrared imagery from AVIRIS/MASTER to estimate evapotranspiration - Susan Ustin, Shawn Kefauver, Jenna Rodriguez, Tao Cheng, David Riano, University of California Davis
2:20 PM Uncertainties in the Relationship between Hyperspectral Data and Leaf Nitrogen Content - Y. Knyazikhin, M. Schull, S. V. Ollinger, L. Lepine et al. Knyazikhin PDF File
2:40 PM Detection and measurement of power plant CO2 plumes using imaging spectrometer data - Phillip Dennison
3:00 PM Break
3:20 PM Measurement of Urban Land Surface Temperatures as Related to Land Cover Change Dynamics: The HysPIRI Advantage - Dale Quattrochi PDF File
3:40 PM Synergies between VSWIR and TIR data for the urban environment: An evaluation of the potential for the Hyperspectral Infrared Imager (HyspIRI) Decadal Survey mission - Dar A. Roberts, Dale A. Quattrochi, Glynn C. Hulley, Simon J. Hook, Robert O. Green
4:00 PM Analysis of the urban surface radiative budget and urban heat islands: How can HyspIRI data be used? - Jeffrey Luvall PDF File
4:20 PM Mineral Mapping Using Simulated HyspIRI Data - F. A. Kruse PDF File
4:40 PM Potential of HyspIRI for geothermal exploration in high northern latitudes - Christian Haselwimmer*and Anupma Prakash
5:00 PM Current status of Hyperspectral Imager Suite (HISUI) - Tsuneo Matsunaga, Satoshi Tsuchida, Akira Iwasaki, Jun Tanii, Osamu Kashimura, and Shuichi Rokugawa
PDF File
5:20 PM Requirements and Potential of HyspIRI for Regional Applications - A. Müller, M. Bachmann, U. Heiden, C. Künzer, U. Gessner and K. Günther
5:40 PM DISCUSSION: Roles of HyspIRI Global Science Application Role and Future Activities and Prospects - Woody Turner, John Labrecque, Simon Hook, Robert Green Elizabeth Middleton
Thursday, 25 Aug 2011: Preparatory Activities, Potential Synergies, and HyspIRI Mission Requirements
8:00 AM HyspIRI Low Latency Intelligent Payload Module - Presentation Set
Set A: Onboard Instrument Processing Concepts for the HyspIRI Mission - S. Chien, D. Silverman, D. Mclaren, G. Rabideau, A. Davies, D. Mandl, J. Hengemihle PDF File
Set B: IPM Processor Technology – Multicore Onboard Processor Benchmark & Infusion Efforts - D. Mandl, V. Ly, P. Cappelaere, S. Bhalwani, T. Creech
Set C: HyspIRI Intelligent Payload Module High Level Software Efforts P. Cappelaere, V. Ly, T. Creech
Set D: High-Speed FLAASH Atmospheric Correction for NASA Spectral Imagery SBIR Phase I Program - T. Perkins, S. Adler-Golden, P. Cappelaere PDF File
Set E: Web Coverage Process Service Science Applications Using FLAASH Reflectance Data: Toward Calibrated Time Series in Near Real-Time with the IPM - R. Sohlberg
9:00 AM Update on NEON (National Ecosystem Observatory Network) and Complementarity with HyspIRI - Tom Kampe and the NEON Team PDF File
9:30 AM Preparation for HyspIRI: A demonstration of coastal remote sensing with space-borne hyperspectral sensor - Zhongping Lee
10:00 AM The Environmental Mapping and Analysis Program (EnMAP) - Technical Update and Future Science Issues - H. Kaufmann, K. Segl, S. T. Peisker, Ch. Rogass, L. Guanter, S. Hofer, B. Sang, T. Stuffler, A. Mueller, R. Richter,C. Chlebek, G. Roessner PDF File
10:20 AM Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Flux Determination via Remote Sensing and Modeling - Guy Serbin, E. Raymond Hunt Jr., David J. Brown, Cesar Izaurralde, Keith Paustian, Tristam O. West, Heather McNairn, Bonny Schumaker, Charles W. Rice, and Robert O. Green PDF File
10:40 AM A HyspIRI Calibration Preparatory Activity (Lunar Calibration with EO-1 Hyperion) - Steve Ungar, Kurt Thome, Lawrence Ong
11:00 AM Break
11:20 AM HyspIRI measurements of emergent vegetation: spectral and specular effects - Kevin Turpie
11:40 PM Airborne TIR Hyperspectral Imaging with High Spatial Resolution and Wide Area Coverage - David M. Tratt and Jeffrey L. Hall PDF File
12:00 PM Atmospheric correction algorithms for surface reflectance retrievals from VSWIR measurements - Bo-Cai Gao, Robert O. Green, and Sarah Lundeen PDF File
12:20 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Lessons Learned from Landsat, MODIS, EO-1, and Their Data Systems - David Landis, J. Masek, R. Wolfe, E. Masuoka
1:40 PM Using level-3 ASTER emissivity products as a validation tool and proxy dataset for HyspIRI thermal infrared data - Glynn Hulley, Simon Hook PDF File
2:00 PM The APEX Airborne Imaging Spectrometer - M. Jehle, A. Hueni, A. Damm, P. D’Odorico, M. Kneubühler, K.Meuleman* and M.E. Schaepman
2:20 PM HyspIRI Terrestrial Surface Coverage Requirement and Cloud Analyses - Michael Mercury PDF File
2:40 PM On the relevance of HyspIRI to the coastal environment - Gerardo Toro-Farmer, Frank Muller-Karger
3:00 PM Sea Grass properites and habitat measurement capabiltiy with HyspIRI - Dierssen
3:20 PM Coral Reef Remote Sensing Science Objectives and Requirements - Eric Hochberg PDF File
3:40 PM Break
4:00 PM Spaceborne Flight Validation of NASA ESTO Decadal Survey Technologies: HyspIRI IPM - Charles Norton PDF File
4:20 PM Australian activities and contributions to the HyspIRI program - Alex Held
4:40 PM Summary and Review of HyspIRI Draft Level 1 Requirements in the Context of the Decadal Survery and the Science Community Input PDF File
5:00 PM Discussion and Plans for Next HyspIRI Science Workshop - Woody Turner and John LaBrecque
5:20 PM Close